Vanguard FTSE Global All Cap Index Fund - Accumulation


I would really like to have this added onto Freetrade as soon as possible.
The Index is comprised of large, mid-sized and small company shares in developed and emerging markets around the world. Many investors prefer this to Vanguard FTSE All World (VWRL) which is currently on Freetrade.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Amircea this has been requested before

There is the reason for this not being available on FT on the thread.

Good evening,

I am not able to see the reason why it canโ€™t be added on FT. I don see any document attached or link. I would appreciate if you are able to give me an explanation.

Kind regards

Hi Ana

For the time being, what you can buy and sell on Freetrade are limited to what is available on the stock exchanges themselves.

The funds available are thus โ€˜exchange traded fundsโ€™ or ETFs. What you are requesting is not an ETF, itโ€™s a different fund structure (I think itโ€™s a mutual fund or unit trust fund?) so this is the reason it is not available.

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