[Request] New ETF issuer request - Global X ETFs

I’ve just transferred from another broker in the US and was quite disappointed to see that Global X ETFs aren’t available on the Freetrade platform. I’ve been using their thematic US funds for the last few years and am a big fan. Global X are growing in Europe and now have 5 UCITS ETFs (I would imagine that further launches are on the way), none of which are available on Freetrade. Would be great to have the option to use their full suite of funds.

UCITS ones could be added. Could you open a thread per ETF for these or check if there’s already a request?

All the other Global X ones can’t be added because of missing documentation.


Worthwhile knowing that even if they are UCITS compliant they might not be able to be added. It depends less on Freetrade and more on the market counterparties.

But of course you are 100% correct: the only way to know is to put in a request and FT will no doubt add if available.

Individual requests of specific ETFs required.