Xtrackers Nikkei 225 UCITS ETF 1D (GBP)

Hi there!
I’d really love seing the following ETF here in Freetrade in the near future! :heart:

Xtrackers Nikkei 225 UCITS ETF 1D (GBP)
Code: XDJP
ISIN: LU0839027447

Five reasons why you should vote this:

  1. To diversify your ETF portfolio - personally I’d typically end up with lots of US and European ETFs, and little else. Just to name one, Warren Buffet has recently purchased lots of stocks in Japan! :japan:
  2. This ETF has super low ongoing charges: only 0.09% :star_struck:
  3. It has 5/5 stars as a Morningstar rating :star2:
  4. It is characterized by a Sustainability rating above average :four_leaf_clover::
  5. The fund size is large, contributing to making it liquid, and the top 5 sectors are pretty diversified: Industrials (19%), Consumer cyclical (18%), Technology (16%), Healthcare (15%), and Communication services (10%) :mage:

Not to mention… quite satisfying historical gains: check it out yourself! :wink:
Source: Morningstar

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As much as it might be good to have the ETF on the platform, I wouldn’t consider investing in it unless you know something we don’t. The Nikkei has historically traded sideways, if you invested 5 years ago, you wouldve made just 50% gains with dividends reinvested. There are better ETFs! For example the S&P 500 has double those returns in 5 years.

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Hi @Corlys,
Thanks for your feedback.
I’m sure there are more profitable ETFs, but with respect to those tracking the S&P 500, I’d mention that such an index measures the performance of US-listed companies.

So again, if I wanted to diversify geographically (picking Japan in this case), keeping an eye on factors such as Sustainability, Fund size, Sector diversity, etc., I would still be very keen to be able to invest in the Xtrackers Nikkei 225 UCITS ETF 1D (GBP)!

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What’s wrong with the Vanguard or iShares Japan ETF? They’re pretty cheap exposure to the Japan index, and are weighted by market cap. I don’t know the details of this ETF but if it tracks the Nikkei225 I’d avoid as the weighting on that is illogical as it links to price and not market cap.