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Freetrade have a nice article on stock indices, but don’t offer acc and dist ETFs that track all of them. Let’s change that by voting!

(My picks are based purely on being at least 3 years old and having the lowest OFC in their category; this naturally tends to equate to the best 5 year performance, or at least in the top 3: performance is also affected by tracking error of the ETF in question, so Freetrade could equally go with the ETF that has the highest 5 year performance, or some balance of past performance and low OFC.)

Nikkei 225
Acc: iShares Nikkei 225 UCITS ETF (Acc) CNKY 0.48%
Dist: Xtrackers Nikkei 225 UCITS ETF 1D XDJP 0.09%
Freetrade doesn’t seem to offer an ETF for this currently.

(Acc ETFs naturally tend to have better 5 year performance that dist, which is why I think they should definitely be offered across the board. That and the fact Freetrade doesn’t offer DRIP to automatically reinvest dividends from dist ETFs.)

This ETF tracks the Nikkei 225 index, a stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

There is already a similar (and more diversified) Japan large cap ETF on the list by Vanguard (VJPN).

This one has a better performance the past year, but, more importantly the ongoing charge is only 0.09% (compared to VJPN’s 0.19%)

Hey @themisbo, I have merged your suggestion with the existing one to consolidate the votes and avoid duplications :slight_smile:

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Well on the app it says its dividend yield is 100.65%. Please could someone fix this because if its true ill put everything into it haha


Good spot. If you’re curious for what it’s meant to be (like me), a quick google says 0.99%

Thanks i did checked it out :smiley: i think a lot of people woudn’t check it and just buy it in general.

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