American ETFs (e.g. ISIN : USxxxxx)

I would like to request a number of USxxx ISIN ETFs, and encourage everyone to up vote this as we’re really missing some value opportunities with mitigated risk.

There are so many great ones, with no real IExxx equivalents, that aren’t on the FT platform.

I would like to see:

This is especially because some of these ETFs are on other platforms, but Freetrade has a competitive advantage within the £0 trade platforms, like T212 and eToro, with the ability to open and use your ISA.

I have quite a few others, the ARK Investment Management funds, ARKK, ARKW, ARKF, and also some of the other tech funds like CLOU.

Hey! Unfortunately, no US etfs can be added. They lack the required documents. There are 100s of posts about this on the forum already, so if you’d like to learn more about it, just use the search function.


Can you post a few links of threads @SebReitz.
Or give me a search parameter to search for.


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Sure thing! KIID is a good term, it’s the document that’s missing usually.

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Great - I’ll look for the posts @SebReitz.

Can I ask, if you know why some of these are available on a platform like eToro?, if the problem is, I assume, legal/regulatory?

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I have read some of the threads @SebReitz.
Examples being:

US Cannabis ETFs
Motley Fool US ETF additions

The only one with a real detailed comment is this one where Viktor provided an answer…

US domiciled ETFs - without the KIIDs?

…but this answer, even though there seems to have been an update from Apr 2020, says it’s from 24 Aug 2018.

Is there a way to get a more definitive and up-to-date comment from someone like Viktor again?

This is important to me as I have quite a bit of my investments in ETFs and the IE ones are not well covered (or well discussed).


Can’t help you with official statement, but everything finki comments on is pretty much a sophisticated answer on the matter, e.g.

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Even if you declare yourself an “investor” which wouldn’t be a problem as that’s just a case of a Ltd and a declaration.

Would it be fair to say that the comment you quoted @SebReitz still indicates that the way to get access to US ETFs is still not something FT will offer considering Finki said “on other platforms” ?

The requirements to be one aren’t always easy. Im sure I’ve heard you need £500k in cash or to be doing several large trades (10k ish) a month. I might be wrong but worth having a look.

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Appreciate the heads up and the advice @AdamL.
I will have a look through the IExx ETFs available, maybe I can find a couple comparable and good ones, though tbh, I don’t hold out much hope.

Then, maybe I’ll have to look at one of the more expensive platforms.
Because I definitely have access to more ETFs on a platform like eToro which should be subject to the same rules, in theory, as Freetrade.

Are you sure you are buying the actual ETF and not a CFD on eToro?

Edit: I looked at a couple of those tickers on eToros web site. They are CFDs so you aren’t actually investing in the ETF

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I’m open to that idea @Dave, I’ll look again and double check as I have only had a cursory look at that platform.

If this is indeed regulatory across the entire UK… we are, as usual, as investors being put at a massive disadvantage given that some of the best ETF options with USxxx ISINs are providing some absolutely superb returns. While their IExxx counterparts are far less weighted to the big stocks and thus the returns are pretty average (at best).

Appreciate your time engaging.
I’ll update this thread once I sneak a look at my eToro account again.

FYI @Dave, eToro, far as I can tell, their platform offers not all, but some of the USxxx ISIN ETFs as the actual ETF.

With that said, these screenshots are a cursory look at the platform for 2 mins in order to get a reply to you but I see nothing to indicate these are are CFDs, but they totally could be given the selections available on the app.

The ones I looked at had CFD in brackets after the ticker at the top. I see this ( on a desktop)