Motley Fool US ETF additions


Will it be possible to add the Motley Fool US traded ETF’s to the apps. Returns have been quite good and the invest based on the stock advisory service which I use for individual stock and it is good.

Thank you.

US ETFs can generally not be bought in the EU anymore and won’t be added imho.

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Thanks for the prompt feedback Seb. Is this due to a recent regulatory change?

I am new to investing, however looking at the app can see a few US based ETF’s

Thank you

It’s due to the MIFID II rules. The rules require certain documents which some US ETFs do not produce. Post-Brexit the UK may diverge from the EU rules and so this may not be an issue going forward.


Henry already answered the first part. The app should not have US based etfs. If you check their ISIN they will not start with a ‘US’.

Isn’t it due to the PRIIPs Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014), rather than MiFID II/MiFIR?

My understanding is that a non-UCITS, US-domiciled ETF can be bought by a retail investor in an EEA country (including the UK) if:

  • It follows that country’s regulations for the marketing of non-domiciled, non-passported collective investment schemes - in the UK, that means receiving FCA recognition under s272 FSMA 2000
  • It has a PRIIPs KID

Admittedly, those requirements may only rarely be met.


TMFC appears available on IG Index share account. I don’t have any money there to try buying it. Also available as a spread bet, but different rules apply there I assume.