Legal and General Core ETFs

Can you add the legal and general core ETFs;
Europe ex UK
Asia pacific ex Japan

I know there are similar ETFs already on Freetrade but these seem to be cheaper than anything I can find on Freetrade atm
UK and US are 0.05% and the rest are 0.10%

Also an easier way to compare etf costs would be helpful.

Agreed. I mentioned some here

BATG :white_check_mark:
AIAG :white_check_mark:
ISPY :white_check_mark:
AUCP :white_check_mark:

It would be good to see some of these L&G EFTs added to Freetrade

(These would end up in Plus fyi)

It’s a shame they would be in plus but having the availability of cheaper ETFs could financially justify getting plus for a large portfolio especially with a SIPP


Yeah the offset in the fund fee is a consideration. I don’t mind to much where they sit necessarily. I’d like some of these added despite not having plus at the moment as it very likely use some of them when getting plus

I should use the :plus_: icon for these now :smiley:

It would need to be a rather large portfolio for the 0.02% better TER to have made up the cost of Plus. Assuming the exact same returns with the rival ETF

It would have to quite a big portfolio but if it’s someone with an isa and a SIPP the difference for plus is only an extra £4 and when SIPPs are introduced I think freetrade could have quite a few big portfolios. Also I think the differences for some of the ETFs are more than 0.02% but I might be wrong.

It wouldn’t be enough on its own for the vast majority of portfolios but it would make a difference

We’ll schedule them for review and inclusion.


Appreciate it, thanks

@Viktor any news on these ETFs, from what I can tell they seem to be one of the better managers when it comes to corporate engagement on ESG so would be nice to have them on Freetrade (admittedly I haven’t really been able to find much information on this and if anyone knows any sources for this kind of information I would be very grateful).

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We have the below four. Anything else we should add?

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The non checked ones.

GLGG clean water
LGEG Europe ex U.K.
LGGG global equity
LGJG Japan equity
LGUK U.K. equity
LGUG US equity
LGAG Asia Pacific ex Japan equity

These are all the ones in the OP except clean water which is another.


Personally I’d really like LGEG (Europe ex uk), LGJG (Japan), LGAG (Asia pacific ex Japan) and LGUG (US) also the clean water one eden mentioned sounds interesting so I’m definitely going to have a look at that


If these other fund types are of interest they also have a new clean energy fund RENG which might be of interest

And theres BATG which is already on freetrade

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And all of the thematic etf they released

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Bump for the interest in these if they could be added in the near future? I could make separate threads but apart from the Clean Water ETF they are all of a similar type.

Aslo Clean Energy which is new [Request] L&G Clean Energy UCITS ETF (RENG)

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I’ve requested the following in the new form Freetrade New Stock Request Form 📝

  • RENG Clean Energy [Added :white_check_mark: ]
  • GLGG Clean Water
  • LGEG Europe ex U.K.
  • LGGG global equity
  • LGJG Japan equity
  • LGUK U.K. equity
  • LGUG US equity
  • LGAG Asia Pacific ex Japan equity

Bump, been looking at these LG ETFs - just searched FT & found this thread.

Great value & although not deep dived - US Equity has performed a little better than the S&P 500 over the past 3 calendar years.

Some costs:

US Equity 0.05%
UK Equity 0.05%
Global Equity 0.11%

Pls add the global and US ones :crossed_fingers:t3:

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US equity @Alex_B

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