Stocks not available in ISA

Hello, please can you tell me when the below stocks will be available in the FreeTrade ISA:

Wizz Air (WIZZ)
AB Dynamics (ABDP)
Joules (JOUL)
Hotel Chocolat (HOTC)
FocusRite (TUNE)
GetBusy (GETB)
Canada Goose (GOOS - US exchange)
Spotify (SPOT - US exchange)
Symphony Environmental (SYM)
BigDish (DISH)


Not sure about the others but this is available for certain.

If you search the forum for them you will be able to vote for them if not available and bump then up the pecking order.

I would love to hear your, or anyone’s thoughts on BigDish. I have an investment in BigDish (on IG). For me, the idea is great, it has huge potential, as yet very much unrealised. What do you think?

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Hey Greg

Welcome to the community :wave:

All of the stocks in our universe are available in your ISA, as well as your Basic Account, apart from Alibaba, Baidu and REITs. This is for regulatory and technical reasons.

You can search for stock request topics for ones we don’t have, or create new ones if no-one else has requested them yet.


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I’m curious now. Are you able to explain what the regulatory & technical reasons are? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, of course.

The two Chinese stocks trade as ADRs on US exchanges and aren’t ISA eligible. This is the case for every UK broker.

More info on the HMRC here:

For REITs, we currently hold these in a single nominee pool which is liable to tax, so we can’t make them available in ISAs quite yet. We hope to in future, so stay tuned.