Nasdaq 100 Covered Call ETF - QYLD

Seriously high monthly dividend payer for the risk inclined! QYLD is the largest covered call ETF, and would be a great addition for income investors looking to add a little risk to what is often largely bonds!

Just did some research into this @MikeBrown it’s a US ETF unfortunately, so unavailable. Love the monthly shout though, need some more monthly ETF’s. Have some monthly stocks lined up for payday but in need of collecting some monthly ETFs

Edit: Expense Ratio is quite high its 0.6%

Is there a restriction on adding US ETFs? Hadn’t seen that, that’s very unfortunate. Not sure I can find any outside of the US :expressionless:

Yes. No broker in the whole EU can offer US based ETFs anymore (if they don’t provide certain information, which they generally don’t). This is not freetrade specific.

Ouch - bit of searching and I’ve found that information. I can buy it in HL in a SIPP but of course that comes with horrific buy/sell charges and holding fees.