TOP stocks to buy this next week 11/02/2019

I am just wondering which is the best stock to buy that week

Nobody can really answer this for you as it would be investment advice which is not allowed on this forum.

Also unless they have inside knowledge it would be pure speculation


Investment advice is not allowed?:open_mouth: ohh

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The question is too open to interpretation. It would be difficult for anyome to say with any certainty whether a stock will go up or down next week. There are just too many variables to account for. These variables may relate to the company in question or wider “macro” factors like jobs figures, manufacturing data, economic forecasts etc. You also have to consider that the quality of the information on some of these variables may not be high enough to draw conclusion without leaving significant margin for error. The margin for error would compound the more variables you build into your assumptions. This imo is why it is irrelevant how intelligent someone is as the limiting factor is quality of information and probabilities.

There is also the question of what is meant by ‘best’. Best absolute return? Best risk adjusted return?

As far as i can tell Freetrade has positioned itself towards long term investing where returns are dependent on fewer variables.

You will likely not be given a company name as an answer.

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I think in general it’s always a good idea to have a balanced and diversified portfolio consisting of a range of asset classes with different risk/return characteristics, in order to maximise your risk-adjusted returns across capital cycles.

As Emma mentioned, we ask members of this community not to recommend investing in particular stocks & it’s impossible to predict what the price of a stock in any given week.

Having said that, this community is full of helpful advice about different ways to approach investing & people’s opinions about the prospects of various companies. There’s dedicated topics for several companies in the #investing-and-markets category & more general advice in #first-time-investing.

We’ve also created an Introductory wiki 🐣 which includes all of the blog posts that we’ve published to help explain investing.

So you’re not on your own here, hopefully that will all help you decide which stocks to consider investing in & if you have any questions, please feel free to ask :smile: