Introduce yourself 👋

Hola Mikel,
Lamentablemente Freetrade aún no está disponible en España. Solo en Reino Unido. Pronto llegará a Alemania, Francia, Irlanda y Holanda. No sé cuándo Freetrade estará disponible en España. Mis deseos es de que sea lo antes posible. Suerte


Gracias Raul
Espero que sea pronto.
Tengo un blog y hablo un poco de inversion y de todo un poco
Sistema de afiliacion teneis?
Un saludo

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No. Freetrade no tiene sistema de afiliación.
Lo que Freetrade si está preparando es un programa de referencias para inversores y clientes. Va a estar disponible en Reino Unido y más tarde se verá.
Más no te puedo decir porque yo no trabajo en Freetrade. Esto es todo lo que yo se sobre este tema.

Creo que eso es lo que todos deseamos.

Que uai. Me gustaría echarle un vistazo. Puedes compartir un enlace si quieres

Welcome our Spanish friends! Lovely to have to have you here.

(My apologies for not speaking your language, maybe one day, it’s on my list)


Hi my name Is Crawford and I’m 25 years old. Originally from South Africa but raised in Spain. Now living in the UK. I have held a few stocks in the past but haven’t really been aware what I was doing and this morning I found out about Freetrade. Im very excited to get involved and learn the inner workings of it all.

Is there any particular information I should look into first?


Welcome Crawford :wave:

I’m glad you’ve found us :smile: We’ve written a series of posts to help people get to grips with investing which you can see here: Introductory wiki 🐣

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask, our friendly community’s always happy to help!

Also random technical question, I’m running the iOS 13 Beta and the app keeps crashing, any idea on who I could contact about that? Im aware its Beta but its the only app that doesn’t run.

Thank you for the fast reply, you guys are great already! Happy to be a part of this journey with you all


I’m sorry to heard that, we’re working on getting the app ready for the public launch of iOS 13. We’ll keep you updated here: Cannot use app after update - while using iOS 13 beta.


Wow you guys are fast, thanks so much! Will keep up to date. You have all really made me feel welcome already!


Hello just wanted to know if you could add Puma AG Rudolf Dassler Sport


To your list

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Hey Leon,
Please make a post in #stock-requests so we can vote on it.

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Hi. Total noob here, investigating something I’ve been curious about for several years, and thinking that learning these ropes might also help to keep my brain active. I am sure there is tons of good advice available here if I dig long and far enough, but for starters I’m just gonna pick a few companies I like the look of and dabble to see what happens. :smiley:


Hi Everyone, Barclay here

Just invested in the latest round as a cheeky bit of fintech

I see you can gain free shares if you recruit new people to the cause- I reckon I could get a fair few of my friends to sign up, how do I get a code?


Hi Barclay. All good

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Cheeky, but I already registered to check it out before I invested sorry

I’m not dropping money without testing the water first


Good evening all,

I’m Rich, born in Nottingham (perhaps I should really be using Robinhood haha) but grew up and currently reside in London - I am fairly new to investing as the name suggests!

Having spent the majority of my career in real estate I have no traditional finance education whatsoever but this year decided its about time I learnt to make my money work for me.

I have been on and using the Freetrade platform since January and decided to document my journey on a my blog

I intend to regularly update the blog with monthly portfolio updates but also share what I learn throughout the process.



Welcome to the forum, Rich!

I’ll read through your blog, and add it to my RSS reader. :+1:

Nice one Viktor! :smiley:

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It’s a great read. Keep up the great work! :+1:

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