Introduce yourself 👋

(Alex Sherwood) #1

Hi, first time here? Welcome!

It’s great to have you here. I’m Alex, I look after the community at Freetrade. If there’s anything that I can help with then give me a shout, I’m all ears :slight_smile:


Now it’s your turn. Tell us a little bit about yourself & what you’re into :speech_balloon:

Crowdfunding Wishlist
The only one in the UK?
How many people in the queue are seriously going to use FreeTrade?
(Ben #88) #2

Hi Alex :wave:

My name is Ben and I’m not here out of choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Looking forward to starting out on my investing journey.

My main hobby and passion is music/DJing however the chances are no one will enjoy what I play as it’s very niche. I’m partial to gaming (PS4) but hardly ever find time to enjoy a game.

Can you bump me up the queue a bit?

(Emma) #3

Hi, I’m Emma :wave:

I’m from Northern Ireland, Mum of 2, and I’d also like to be bumped up the queue :joy:

Trying investing out because I’ve always been interested but unsure how it worked

(Chris) #4

I’m Chris. I communicate in GIFs.

(Tom) #5

I’ve only ever invested via Crowdcube and Seedrs but want to get into more serious investing. Started the process of setting up a iii account but it seemed over complicated and expensive - then Freetrade came along. Very much looking forward to building a portfolio.

(Eve) #6

I’m Eve, from Singapore. I’ve never invested before, and I’m hoping Freetrade will make this seem less daunting/ inaccessible. I love trying new things, so why not?
Other than hanging out around fintech forums, I enjoy reading, eating, and travelling.

Since this has turned from an introduction thread to a queue bump thread, could you do the same for me please :innocent:

(Vladislav Kozub) #7

I am Vlad, originated from Russia but have lived in the UK for 5 years now and studying towards a finance-related degree.

Only recently started investing myself and it opened a whole new world to me, plenty of new opportunities to learn and advance in. Once I found out about Freetrade, I got devoured by its ethos and objectives, hence fully belong to this community now.

And Alex, I also want to be bumped up in the queue :wink:

(Marta) #8

I’m Marta. I don’t need a bump in the queue, because I’m an investor. But not sure where is my badge! :sob:

I always enjoyed the idea of investing, but few companies that I tried were either very complex or had rip-off fees (Moneybox, I’m talking about you). Nice to meet you all! :wink:


Hello everyone, I’m Rod.

Freetrade’s community is great because we’re all learning something, even though no-one knows anything about how The Market will behave. Thank you all.

I am dusty old Gen-Xer. I was a late starter to investing and started after wondering how to fund my future and discovering the Monevator site. Have been investing for a few years. 99% of it is buy-and-hold, and of that 95% is very vanilla passive index tracking and gov bonds, and 5% is risky business which includes Chinese internet stocks, investing in startups like Freetrade, dabbling in cryptos etc. The tinkering with the 5% makes it easier for me to be disciplined about the 95%, or so I tell myself.

I do product design and management stuff for tech startups, but these days I mostly write about them and for them.

(Assuming that a little bit of shameless self-promotion is acceptable, I will link to a couple of things which might be of interest here: Co-op Digital’s weekly newsletter which is about what’s happening in internet/digital and why it’s interesting for retail businesses and wider society - Amazon and the rest of big tech, social media, privacy, security, cryptos, UK fintech, and so on. And Checksies which is an infrequent newsletter thing about how to do money and investment things for people who are busy.)

(Simon B (from Monzo!)) #10

Hey all! I’m SimonB. Some of you may know me through my work as a COps Community Specialist at a cool lil bank called Monzo. You know, the one with the awesome hot coral card and all the emojis :wink:

Freetrade seems like a cool company and I’m looking forward to checking it out! Feels like the barrier to entry for investing has historically been quite high, and Freetrade will hopefully make a big impact in removing that barrier :grinning:

(Harley-James Orchard) #11

Hello everyone, I’m Harley.

I’m 18 and a new investor, currently only have a target retirement fund (vanguard, just started, £300 monthly) and ‘high interest’ bank accounts as investments- also a pension but I’m not sure that counts.

I like working out, music, boxing (watching & participating), reading,hanging out with my friends/family and have a slowly growing watch addiction.

I’m very new to all this but with plenty of reading and analysing, I hope to make a few pretty pennies or pounds.

Are millennials into investing?
(Harley-James Orchard) #12

This is my hope as well, a simple platform where I can invest freely with good charts/ stats (hopeful). Even long term investments I have in mind weren’t very accessible before, what with fees and minimums etc.

(Alex Sherwood) #13

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I’ve been investing on and off for about 15 years now, made so many mistakes and a few wins. I’m a solutions architect by trade and work in the inane sector (recently).

I invested in Freetrade because I saw many parallels with Monzo and we all know how well that is going so far, but also because I am tired of broker fees pushing out people who would like to invest but who can’t afford £1,000 a month just to bring the trading fee down to a reasonable %. I kept thinking wouldn’t it be great if I could just put this spare £20 into my fund, sure I can do that with traditional brokers … after I give them £12 leaving me £8 for my fund.

So I am here because I want Freetrade to be a success and by default myself too.

Oh and I have a 5 year old boy and a beautiful wife. :heart_eyes:

And a cat … called zenny

(Adam) #16

Hi, I’m Adam :wave:

I’m from Canada but have been in London for the last five years and love it here. I really miss unspoiled wilderness though. :sunrise_over_mountains:

I’ve always been super interested in investing but it was only after getting married and starting a family (three kids now!) that I got more thoughtful about it. I started Freetrade because I knew there were others like me out there and I needed to do something about it.

I adore our team and community, so lucky to be a part of it!


@rod - the above applies to me too, though less of the ‘old’ :wink:

Anyway, hello, I’m Weenie and I invest because I enjoy it and so that I can retire early.

I’ve invested in Freetrade and look forward to using the app as I already think I’m paying enough in investing fees with other platforms and as @stephen mentioned, sometimes, I only want to invest a small amount.

60% my portfolio is in index tracker funds/ETFS (mostly Vanguard), 30% in investment trusts (including dividend heroes) and some individual shares, the rest mostly in cash (premium bonds). My strategy is predominantly buy and hold.

My intention is to earn enough dividend income from my investment trusts/shares to cover my basic expenses.


Hi everyone!

I’m 34 and from London. I’m technically a millennial but in comparison to most I seem to be an old geezer who’s been around the block many times.

My mum helped me make a fantasy portfolio with the back pages of the FT in the late 90’s when I was a teenager - that got me into the concept of investing and I learned the basics like PE ratios and market caps.

When I was 16 I managed to open a real stockbroking account with T-credit at Charles Schwab (this was back when KYC was merely a tickbox asking “are you over 18 - Y or N?”). They were a fantastic broker whose UK arm sadly got swallowed up by Barclays, and I haven’t found a great stockbroker since.

What excites me about freetrade is the ground-up architecture, community-driven approach and radically different business model.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my couple of decades of being involved in markets. I’ve backed and unbacked a listed company at a £1m valuation which has gone on to be worth £800m. I bought about half a million of their shares at 3p, partially on a credit card due to my level of confidence, and I sang from the rooftops on ADVFN about the opportunity only to sell them at the same 3p a share (margin call, couldn’t afford to pay the interest on borrowing) and had to endure watching them rise to 3000p over the next decade (would’ve been worth £15m today if I hadn’t sold for £15k). Absolutely heart-wrenching. I’ve also gone through a period of years where I suffered from a serious gambling addiction and lived month to month on payday loans. Hard times, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I’ve also had ups and to my knowledge I’m currently the biggest crowdfunding investor in Monzo after investing the maximum in every round and buying privately off the market as well. I have a feeling that is going to be a serious winner.

I’m excited about the launch of Freetrade and hoping they can shake things up in the UK and overseas.


Good morning all!

I’ve been registered on this forum since the beginning, but haven’t spent much time here at all.

My name is Nick (username is a give away), and a few of you have probably seen my cartoon face frequenting the Monzo and Starling forums.

I thought I’d give myself a FreeTrade flat cap in the absence of FreeTrade swag…

Considering I know next to nothing about investing properly, it’s probably a good time to start reading up before the launch happens!

My interest first peaked in investing years ago, when I first heard about Robinhood in the US - I was half expecting them to make their way over to the UK, but that never materialised.

When I heard about FreeTrade, I was really keen to learn more, and this forum seems to have exploded with content over the past few months!

I currently use Wealthify, but I’ll be looking to manually move as much as I can into FreeTrade.

First ever investment: FreeTrade (OK… starting to sound a little “fan boy” now, so I’ll stop!)

I look forward to learning from you all.


(Jim) #20

My word that’s a sore one. I worked with people pre dot-com crash who had stock options close to maturing worth £millions on paper. I still remember their ‘it surely can’t go any lower’ chat…

(Andy Warsop) #21

Hi there. New to this too. Soaking up lots of information about investing and excited about Freetrade.

Does anyone know how long it takes to get through the queue? I just joined so I’m position no 50,000+

Andy :smile: