Introduce yourself 👋

(Alex Sherwood) #22

Hey Andy, welcome :smile:

If you refer just one friend, you’ll jump to around 6,000 in the queue at the moment :eyes:

We’re going to do the rollout in stages, there’s some more info about how that’ll work here..

More details on the rollout


Hi, I’m Liz. Mother of two girls, beer lover and triviatrix. Work in logistics and play my hand at investing with spare money. Brewdog success so far, lots more on paper, but holding out for Freetrade to change the world.

(Danny) #24

Hey I’m Danny, new to the investing scene, excited to learn and in it for the long haul.

(Ashish Raval) #26

Ashish Raval here btw. I work in one of the hundreds of banks (in the London) in their investment banking division.

Investing is my hobby and it helps to keep me informed about the developments.

Motto is invest first half in risky companies developing ground breaking technologies and hedge it by investing the other half in boring dividend paying stable companies of FTSE-100.

(Daniel Cheetham) #29

Hello All!

I’m Danny, heard lots about this place over on Monzo & a few other places, and have been reading around the forums for a while. Thought it’s about time to say hello. I’m joining from a background of a history of lots of debt, to now being on the verge of being debt free, and starting to prepare to make money work for me rather than giving it out interest to lenders. Fairly new to investment “thinking” so bear with me if I ask any stupidly obvious questions along the way!



Hi I’m Matt, in Italy we are ready to start trading with this amazing app can’t wait for it.

(Viktor) #31

I’m Viktor. :wave:

I’m originally from Hungary, but I’ve lived abroad for about 13 years now. I spent most of that time in Dublin, Ireland, where I joined Google back in 2005. If you are so inclined :eyes: , you can read more about me here.

Similar to Adam, I’ve always been interested in investing (and did a bit on and off), but when I did my MBA, there was this unusual elective course called personal finance. It opened up a whole new world of how I should think about my money. It’s not the normal way to get into investing - but it was the ultimate trigger for me!

I absolutely love our community, and I’m excited every day to wake up and build :freetrade: together.

(Ciarán) #32

Hey Liz if your success is with Crowdcube then it is paper success, stay well clear.
You keep your hard earned cash to invest via Freetrade, real shares, real trading…

(Jonathan Maitland) #33


I just stumbled upon freetrade just now linking through as from a Monzo link on Twitter. I have an iii account and dabble with investment funds and some shares so keen to test out a new platform!


(Scott Edwards) #34

Hey everyone!

I’m Scott, a software developer based in London (ex Cape Town) and have always tended towards working with clients in financial services. I’ve had a bit of success speculating on forex and am currently working on educating myself much more intensely on forex, equities and the financial sector in general.

I’m super excited to try FreeTrade out and add to my portfolio fee-free :grin: I’m pedantic about bugs so I’ll definitely be posting anything I find/suggestions here.


Hi all,

Oh I just noticed this thread.

I’m Kai, I’m originally from KL, Malaysia. I’ve only tried investing through Crowdcube / Seedrs and hopefully Freetrade will open the door to a new world of investing for beginners like me. I like reading FinTech forums and in my spare time, I like hanging out on various Telegram supergroups.


Hi all,

I just discovered that my R3 tag was applied in the background at some point, thanks for that!

I’m a GenXer, London-based, and this community has become a daily read lately. Good to see the rollout gathering pace.

I came across Freetrade while looking for UK brokers to move existing investments over from the Eurozone. I found the fee levels so excessive that I opted to keep investments in Euro and ‘donate’ money to the relevant country’s coffers by way of tax instead of financing the greed of overpriced service providers. I expect that Freetrade will change all that and allow me to save tax in the process.

Overall, I value fairness, transparency and responsiveness to customers in business, and this is what Freetrade appears to deliver for their target group. I hope (and trust) this will be sustained once commercial pressures start to bite. Great job so far, and thanks for the socks! :socks:

(Max cobos) #37

Hi Guys,

My names Max, I’m 25 and work in IT.

Very little of what I would call real investment experience, I got involved with bitcoins and litecoins but sold it all for a pretty penny! Started looking into an investment account with my bank a few years ago but it seemed very complicated for what they were offering. I’ve always been able to save money, in savings accounts or ISA’s but always felt I could be putting that money to more use! I became a proud Home owner a year ago (don’t agree with renting) and I’m always finding ways to make my money go further.

Found some interesting info on the Coinbase app but found it wasn’t best for UK users, and his is where Freetrade came into my life. I got very excited when I saw an email from Freetrade this morning (started bringing up company news and stocks before opening the email…) but it wasn’t time for my invite yet :tired_face:

I find the idea of being able to invest when you want (in a way when it suits you, of course the trades are carried out at certain times) is a massive freedom, and without the fees! What more could you ask for?

I’ve also been on the forums for a while, and I must say I’ve learnt a lot and feel I can go out with this base knowledge, knowing what to look for and create my own investment path. The community itself is great as well!

Great to be a part of this, thanks!:grin:

(Jack) #38

Hi I’m Jack :wave:

I live in South Wales and work in the IT sector. I have an interest in any new tech and am excited to see what Freetrade can do. I’ve been interested in investing for a while but always thought you had to put aside a lot of time and have lots of knowledge to get it right.

Freetrade have already done such a good job at breaking down all the jargon and acronyms!



Hi Alex :wave:
Glad to see you in europe. I also am a newbie and been trading demos like a year now and i am anxious to start a live account but still figuring out all the brokers and stuff.
Hope Freetrade gives the edge for me to start live.
Thanks for including me in this revolutionary trading :clap:


Nicely done!

(Danny Jeremiah) #41

Hi all, I’m Danny (#120), finally getting around to doing this!

I run a team of Product Managers and Designers for a company based in West London that builds the software that runs something like 30% of all the cinemas in the world.

I first got into investing around 10 years ago now, initially buying some random AIM-listed shares, some of which did very very well (I think my best was about 200% in a couple of days with a company called Sareum), others did very very badly. About 5 years ago I read A Random Walk down Wallstreet and The Richest Man in Babylon in quick succession and they totally changed my outlook on investing.

Whilst I’m not following either to the letter, what I have been doing is putting a chunk of my salary straight into investments every month before I see it (one of the lessons of TRMiB) and what goes into the stock market goes into ‘boring’ low-cost trackers spread across all global markets.

A couple of years ago I started investing a %age into bitcoin and crowd-funded startups including Monzo and of course Freetrade.

I’m blown away by what I’ve seen from Freetrade so far and I think there are big things to come. Looking forward to meeting some of you at the launch party!

(Big Boss) #42

Long overdue, but here goes!

I’m Justin and I’m a Portfolio Manager & Equity Analyst at a large financial institution. Proud early tester #38 and an R2 investor. Given my day job, I know full well the excesses of the retail broking industry although I never challenged it! I most definitely feel super excited about the opportunity Freetrade has, and there is no doubt that the company can become a fintech unicorn, especially if they take their product to Europe in the near future!

I’ve always been interested in investing ever since I read Peter Lynch’s One Up on Wall Street. First stock I bought was Apple in 2010, but sold it after Steve Jobs passed away (doh!). My investment philosophy has changed dramatically over the years and it is partly a function of investors I admire and the books that I have read. Peter Lynch, Ben Graham, et. al are all great investors but were value investors and I think we can all agree that these type of investors have really struggled in the last decade or so. People I admire a lot more these days are long-term, quality growth, and high conviction investors, such as James Anderson (Baillie Gifford’s Scottish Mortgage Trust), Nick Train (Lindsell Train’s Global Equity Fund or Finsbury Growth & Income Trust) and Terry Smith (Fundsmith’s Fundsmith Equity Fund). Given my biases, it does mean I prefer Technology, Healthcare and Industrial companies.

Separately though, I have been working on a side project in stealth over the last twelve months. I am looking for a CTO/Co-founder, so if anyone has had experience developing/launching apps and an interest working at a technology startup, drop me a DM!

Cheers! See ya’ll at the launch party! :confetti_ball::partying_face:

PS: Huge fan of MGS (Phantom Pain was sooooo good, despite being unfinished) and I can’t wait for Death Stranding.

(Simon) #43

Hi, I’m a retired stockbroker/ fund manager and I’m horrified what commission and fees I have to pay on the other side of the fence! I’m a R3 investor and looking forward to getting going.

(Chris) #44

Hey there, I’m Chris

I’m an international graduate student in Oxford, originally from Mexico.

I’ve been an avid user of Robinhood app for almost 4 years, this is where I invest my savings in US dollars, trading with no commision.

Now that I am in the UK, I’d like to move these savings to GBP and get the best of the market in order to pay my student loans.

Hope to receive soon the good news that I finished the queue. I’d love to start trading very soon.

All the best for this nice effort building up the app.