Introduce yourself 👋


I am investing in the stock market Since 8 year trough more tradutional ways.
I an tiered of paying fees.
how does it work to get a bump!

(Alex Sherwood) #46

Hi! Welcome to the community :wave:

I’m glad we can save you from those fees :smile:

Just tap the ‘bump me up’ button in the app, then copy & paste the link into your message to the person that you want to recommend Freetrade to. When they click that link they’ll be taken to our website & if they sign up, you’ll get bumped up the waiting list :muscle:

If you have any more questions about that, please feel free to send us a message via the live chat on our website.

(Brian Ward) #47

I’m new to investing independent of pensions, but will definitely be looking to move funds to other ETFs or ISAs.
Finish my mortgage in a couple of years, so will have spare cash to invest. Maybe sit back and learn to play the guitar my missus keeps moaning about


Hi, I invest small amounts in startups, property, and peer to peer lending, through a few apps. Definitely more fun and more accessible than through the traditional routes to investment. The lack of charges with Freetrade appeals. Looking forward to being part of this community and helping each other make some good investment decisions. :+1:



I’m Fotis. Nice to meet you all!

(Justin Lebrau) #50

First time here! Hi Alex :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #51

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(James Flavin) #52

Hi Alex & community
I’m James. I’ve been investing for over 15 years. I invest in quality listed companies and more recently have started to invest in early stage growth companies via Crowdfunding and other sources. With listed shares I to invest in leaders, companies with good returns and cashflow metrics, strong balance sheets. In all cases I look to back great people.
Excited to start using Freetrade

(Vivian Lobo) #53

Hello all,

Viv here and been waiting for a platform like this in the UK ever since robinhood started in the USA.

Although I must say I never got any notification yet to join even though I was asked to install the app and am currently 2nd in the queue.

(Charlie Speck) #54

yo guys
new here obvs :joy:
loving the app so far :kissing_heart:

(Ricardo Godinho) #55

Hey, thanks for having me. The main reason I am here is because, while I was living in the US, Inhad access to a similar platform. When I came to Europe, I soon discovered there wasn’t such a platform here. Then I discovered Freetrade and I am really looking forward for it to be functional in Lux!

(Ritchie) #56

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ritchie and I live in Somerset, UK. I am 26 years old and relatively new to investing. Over the years I have traded FX and been involved in crypto but always wanted to trade shares. I had gone to Barclays a while back but the fee put me off. I read about RobinHood a while ago and just discovered Freetrade today. Cannot express how excited I am for this platform… There are so many opportunities and it makes investing much more attractive to beginners.


(Jani) #57

Hey all,

I’m Jani, Freetrade’s first Product Manager :cowboy_hat_face:. I’m originally from Helsinki, Finland but have lived the majority of my life abroad. I’ve recently joined Freetrade to run product now that we got the MVP out the door. My most recent endeavour was with the recently IPOed fashion e-commerce company called Farfetch, where I managed product development for search discovery and emerging tech. I’ve always focused on consumer facing products, having founded my own venture straight out of uni, leading up to working at Rocket Internet and Foodora in Berlin.

I hope to bring even more product focus as well as reaching out for input from all of you in the community to collectively bring our product to the next level!

Nice to meet you all! :wave:



Hi everyone,

I’m 28 and have wanted to invest since I was 16 but never had the courage to take the plunge. After doing the same with cryptocurrency and missing out massively, I finally decided it’s about time and opened an account with Nutmeg earlier this year.
I’ve also desperately wanted Robinhood to be released over here, but with that seeming unlikely any time soon I came across Freetrade as the best-looking UK alternative - I even went and bought an iPhone just for this app! (been a Windows Phone loyalist for the last 8 years).
Was pretty livid though when I found out about the whole queuing system, but have just been accepted on-board out of nowhere so can’t wait to sink my teeth in :grin: (just need to wait 'til I get paid at the end of the month).


Pssssst I know you’ve just met him but if you’re already thinking “I need more Jani”, here’s our new joiner interview with him:

(Emma) #60

Did you spend your childhood raking forests to stop fires? :thinking:


As someone spent a few years of their childhood in Finland (due to having a Finnish mum), I think you’re getting mixed up with Canadians :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jani) #63

I definitely spent a little bit of time raking as a kid but didn’t know what it was for back then :fallen_leaf::man_farmer:

(Big Boss) #64

Rake America Great Again!

(Emma) #65