A little bit about you

Hello Freetrade community!

We see the same names in this forum but never actually get to know each other. So this is my way of bridging that and saying hello, welcome, and share a bit about yourself :smiley:

The following template may be good:

-When did you join Freetrade
-Why did you start investing
-Investing goal for 2022
-Favourite film
-A TV series or book you are currently watching / reading
-Favourite quote
-A little bit about yourself

*Do not disclose personal information that will give people your identity.


I’ll start first.

-Started investing January 2020
-I started investing as I was not happy about the 0.1% interest I was receiving from the bank
-Currently portfolio = £21,340. My goal for 2022 is to get to £30,000
-Favourite film is Interstellar
-I am currently watching ‘Better Call Saul’ and reading ‘Sapiens’
-Favourite quote = He who laughs last laughs the longest.
-A Manchester United season ticket holder (unfortunately), and also enjoy to do paint by numbers whilst watching TV (I sound about 80). Also love playing video games especially Call of Duty, Rocket League, and any RPGs such as Fallout.



Remember also to include your mother’s maiden name, the name of your first pet, and the first school you went to.


We should start with getting more photos on profile pics it’s nice to see what people look like and encourages better discourse.


I joined Freetrade in Nov 21, I find it really difficult to save and having the money in shares makes it much harder for me to spend! I also wanted my money to work harder, as the banks are offering little interest.My investing goal for this year is to get myself in the green with more of my stocks, I have a lot of tech and they all plummeted recently.

Favourite film is the Godfather and I’m currently watching Snowpiercer on Netflix which I am really enjoying. Quote “it always seems impossible until it’s done”.

I’m a Senior Manager in one of the UK’s leading universities. Delivering quality assurance and data activities for the school. Really enjoying being part of the Freetrade community and so glad I got into investing!


I think this is a great idea!

I’m a recently married 26-year old who works for a UK based building society as an Underwriter.

I joined FreeTrade in December 2020 after a couple of friends and family talked about the app and investing in general over that Christmas period and decided to try investing again (after a few failed attempts at investing previously) and this time sticking with it!

My aim this year is to diversify my portfolio and try to slowly but surely make my way back into the green (after some poorly timed investments in some risky sectors).

My absolute favourite film of all time would be The Dark Knight (I’m a bit of a self-confessed geek tbh!) and I’m currently watching the Boba Fett series on Disney+

I’m not really one for quotes but I’ve always lived by the idea that no matter what I’m doing, I should enjoy it!


I’m a cow.


Love the picture @CashCow

Did you take it yourself?

  • Started investing in 2013
  • I began investing as this is the only realistic way I could hope to retire early
  • One of my goals for 2022 is to increase dividend income in my ISA by 10%
  • Favourite film is ‘Edge of Tomorrow’
  • I am currently watching ‘Downton Abbey’ (comfort tv!) and ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’
  • Favourite quote: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life - it goes on”
  • I’m a Liverpool FC supporter (YNWA), enjoy reading fantasy/sci-fi, IPA beers, working out in the gym and tweaking my investment spreadsheets :slight_smile:

I can’t work out how to upload my photo which is odd because I must have done it once (that’s one of my paintings).

That’s probably a clue to my demographic … :joy:



I’m an orbital.

The wave function of electrons around an atom.

I’m not sure how I got here.

But I am excited!



I am a research associate (post-PhD) in a leading UK university. Currently running clinical trials.

I wonder if we are at the same University :rofl:


I love Edge of Tomorrow, I could watch that film over and over again …

Vox is amazing, gory and rude as hell but damn entertaining.


It’s a small world so who knows we might be! Are you in Scotland?

Cash didn’t you go h2h with me for the guess the freetrade members with date and time?

If so for the record I never received any prize :pleading_face: so you didn’t miss out on anything :rofl:

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Great painting your in the wrong game :joy: paint and sell contemporary art doing well ATM haha

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I doubt that was me. I’m never right about anything and I only make truly poor decisions.

Have you ever heard the story of how I once signed up to AJ Bell for a LISA and then they were absolutely terrible beyond belief… etc etc etc etc

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Well I’ve made some mistakes overs the years with a heather,Kerry Samantha :rofl: etc etc etc


I’m in England - so that solves that :laughing:

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