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Thank you!

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I left my home country when I was 46 to live a dream - live in other countries, know more about other cultures and meet new people. Walk a little bit around the world. So, after live some months in Italy (Tuscany) I decided to live in the UK. I must confess I love your music and Learn English was my main goal here (still improving). Besides, I like to help people here, but I must also confess that sometimes I feel like I’m not very welcome. But I’d rather believe it’s just a wrong impression of mine.

I have never invested seriously in my life, but from March 2020 I decided to start. Then, I have been trying to learn more and more about that. I could say I regret not having read the book “The Intelligent Investor” before I start investing. That would have helped me avoid a lot of mistakes.

For 2022, I intend to improve my skills as a photographer and start my own business. Besides, of course, taking care of my daughter Anne.

Finally, my favorite quote is the one that helps me when miss courage - “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” Joseph Campbell.

Thanks :pray:t3:


A great idea.

  • I joined FT summer 2020, with just a tenner to see how I got on. I then got into more serious trading towards the end of 2020.

  • I’ve been investing literally most of my life. When i was 16 i opened up a Halifax Share Dealing account and bought a few shares in Morrisons, very randomly I know. I still have them, i remembered about them a couple of yesrs back and unfortunately, after about 15 years i was still at a loss.

  • Investing goal for 2022 would be to just make a profit. I’ve got avout 15,000 shares in HE1 so hopefully this’ll bounce back to what it was prior to stopping drilling.

  • Favourite film by a country mile is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Nothing will ever beat it.

  • I don’t watch much tele, but am currently catching up on Trigger Point. I also like to read quite a bit.

  • I have a few favourite quotes. One is ‘To be beautiful means to just be yourself,’ by Thich Nhat Hanh

  • A bit about me? Spent a decade in retail, run my own book publisher, love to get out there and explore this world we live in.


If you get the chance, watch Reacher on Amazon Prime - I really enjoyed it.


Welcome! I still think you should go all out on ferrexpo :rofl::rofl: only joking please don’t

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When did you join Freetrade

Around April/ May 2021

-Why did you start investing

Because I want to retire before I die

-Investing goal for 2022

2022 & beyond: max out my ISA & invest +50% of my income.

-Favourite film

The Butterfly Effect

-A TV series or book you are currently watching / reading

The Teacher - Channel 5

-Favourite quote

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.

-A little bit about yourself

I’m investing for my future, my ultimate goal is to cycle around the world - though I may need an electric bike/motorcycle by the time I can afford it!


Steve is a good name



I’m definitely already all out on Ferrexpo :joy:

Maybe when the skirmishing is over? :thinking:

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Wrong word to use but the situation in Ukraine is very uncertain right now, isn’t it?

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Sabre rattling :crossed_swords:

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-When did you join Freetrade:
Early 2021 but been on other investing platform for several more years

-Why did you start investing:
To retire early with a villa in Madeira

-Investing goal for 2022:
To pay for the wall of a Villa

-Favourite film:
Gren Mile

-A TV series or book you are currently watching / reading:

-Favourite quote:
Treat people as you would like to be treated and never too old to have fun.

-A little bit about yourself:
Having lived and worked in 5 countries I am now living what seems a relaxed life on Dartmoor just chilling and saving for an early retirement, many years to go sadly. :rofl: I have a full time home office job and do another analyst role freelance for about 20-30 hr a week, all to go in my pension, so very busy but still seems less hours than when I worked in management at a company building plus travel so happy.
Other than that I love reading news, going to music festivals and various outdoor activities but mostly seeing what people are up to on the FT forum during breaks, god, when did I get so sad? :man_facepalming: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes but pardon my stupidness I thought ferrexpo was something to do with Canada not aware of the reference to Ukraine russia UK? Mining? :thinking:


I think they are a Swiss company with significant mining and iron ore activities in Ukraine? :thinking:

From Ferrexpo’s website:

“ Iron ore pellets are distributed around the world to customers using a combination of Ferrexpo’s own logistics capabilities in Ukraine, either exporting to Europe via rail or barge, or loading products onto ocean going vessels at the port of Pivdennyi (formerly known as Yuzhny) in southern Ukraine. From Pivdennyi, the Group exports its iron ore pellets to Asia, the Middle East and North America.”

There must be a bit of uncertainty around the sabre rattling and potentially worse …

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Sorry yea they are Swiss! And didn’t know they had stuff in Ukraine? But if is it that I’m sure it’ll be hell of a lot lower by now?

Bit maybe something to do with it we won’t know we’ll still holding till get bac kto something green anyhow haha

  • Joined freetrade early January 2022

-Joined out of curiosity. Always wondered about how stock/shares work, but it never went beyond that initial who/what/why stage. Now starting to understand little by little. Learning more every day.

-Investment goal 2022- Currently only investing in one stock until I reach a pre determined number of shares that I want in that operation. Then I will look to diversify. Have my eye on a good ETF. LEARN, LEARN and LEARN some more.

-My two favourite films are
-Withnail and I
-The Wickerman (the proper British version not the crap American re-make with Nicholas Cage)

-I recently re-read Mountains Of The Mind by Robert Macfarlane. A great book. I usually read it once a year.

-We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. (Oscar Wilde)

-Male approaching forty. Left school at sixteen. Straight to work. The greatest education is the education you teach yourself. I enjoy cycling/walking in the Peak District, Snowdonia, The Scottish Highlands, real ale, reading especially George Orwell and George Mackay Brown, cooking when I have the time. I am a huge fan of Manic Street Preachers and 21 Pilots.


@buytrywhy You get a Brusey bonus question…

Favourite Manics album? :slightly_smiling_face:

Joined in May and now slowly converting some of my 30% gains in to cash. Not my first time investing. I have some shares in Croatian companies. But, no brokerage for the last 4 years. Rules keep changing. Its a real nightmare. Going this year if no more new covids. Counting down retirement as im not far off 50. I work as a minion in a supermarket, but is a life choice as collect daughter from school everyday. Was a welder/machine operator in a pre-child life…lol I don’t watch many films. I would rather play the xbox :smile: Has a new thing, buying land and planting tree to offset my carbon footprint. Got the cost down to £1 a tree. I want to give the kids a better planet than i was given. Love EDM music.


@Optimisery. That is a hard question to answer. It’s like being asked to pick your favourite child. :thinking:But at a push I would have to choose Everything Must Go. What is your favorite Manics album?

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Good choice.

I’d have to say The Holy Bible, Everything Must Go 2nd.