(ashik) #1

got my first profit 9p - small amount but something lol
i was wondering how much people got back on their trades?

(Emma) #2

9p up from Friday :boom:


Does it tell you anywhere?

Edit: I know it has portofilio value but no easy way of knowing how much i’ve topped up

(Emma) #4

In your activity feed it’ll show all your transfers


:+1: be nice to have a total instead of manually adding

I’ve made a few smaller top ups :grinning:

(Emma) #6

Filter it in your bank account and that’ll tell you


This was what I did through Monzo

Think Freetrade could put something in app though?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

We can & we will :muscle:


Fighting talk :no_good_man:


I bought 1 Unilever share the other day on Freetrade (I already own shares in this stock elsewhere). So far my £40.32 investment is up 84p, or 2.08%, better than my bank. I remain quite bullish on Unilever.

In a broader context, I started investing 18 months ago, opening a £20,000 stocks and shares ISA (execution only, with fairly high commissions!). Today that account is worth £27,000, or 35% up (I would probably have £1200 more profit if it wasn’t for dealing fees!) There have been some great unfolding stories during that time, and also some very disappointing stock stories. I guess I trim the disappointing stories quickly at the first sign of trouble. I don’t cling on, hoping my individual position will turn positive before exiting, the market doesn’t care about your individual position. Whether 35% per 18 months is sustainable over the longer term remains to be seen, but I expect not. I would imagine more normalised returns of 10% per annum perhaps over a decade or more, but so long as I am beating inflation and savings rates over the long run I am happy. I invest for wealth management purposes rather than a means of getting rich quick. I want to grow the capital I have over the longer term, and that will mean dips along the way too, no doubt. Before starting my investing journey my savings were getting eroded on a relative basis by inflation and terrible interest rates (I was receiving an insulting 0.35% from one bank before getting organised and shopping around for a better deal). Getting into investing has helped me stop that rot, for now. It’s also given me a broader FX balance I didn’t have previously, for instance Unilever mentioned above reports in Euros, and obviously derives revenues from around the world, particularly in emerging markets. Having companies who earn and report in other currencies means i’m obviously less dependent on the performance of GBP for my international spending power too!

(Vladislav Kozub) #11

Great testimony, James! It just makes me so sad when during my Taxation classes, the teacher praises the benefits of Cash ISA and how it is good when you have 200k over many years saved and pay no tax on that wonderful 0.85% interest :neutral_face:

(Jeff puckering) #12

Great insight! Thanks for talking us through your investing journey to date. Has gotten me thinking :thinking: @alex.s I know there is an introduce yourself section but is there potential for an investment blog section? I know there are a number of people in this forum I would avidly follow…

Introducing the Portfolio Management sub-category
(Luke Thompson) #13

Started with the app Moneybox as a UK alternative to Acorn, took 2 weeks to get my initial investment of £50 settled but I’ve immediately bumped up 15p! Here’s to the first pennies of hopefully many pounds!

(Harry) #14

The fees are v high for small amounts on Money Box :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


10% annually over a decade: in a bull market maybe (and maybe the current one has just finished). The long-term average for stocks is closer to 4 or 5% annually [citation needed], after adjusting for inflation.

(Joe) #16

I’ve seen £19 profit so far from putting £700 in. I added another £200 in to my account earlier and have buy orders queued for those. Will keep adding more cash as and when. I have a Help to Buy ISA first that gets money in and a fixed rate 5% interest savings account with £300 a month in. Then any other money I put in to Freetrade :smile:


Moneybox was also my introduction to investing. Then I slowly realised their fees were obnoxious and would wipe away most of the very limited earnings from their ill-performing robo funds.

Thank goodness for Freetrade :star_struck:


People usually guesstimate it at 7%, adjusted for inflation.

But as they point out, that’s using one particular (American) judgement of inflation. What it would be in UK terms I’ve no idea. But let’s just go with 7% :sweat_smile:


Here are some varying expectations (hopes?) of future returns. I assume that the expectations are of US-based and am not sure of the sources for these, or whether they’re inflation-adjusted or not.

(and Meb Faber is worth a follow on twitter.)

I think that long term growth for the UK is generally seen as lower than US - there’s something on that in Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing book, which is good.