What percentage are you up? (Or down 🤕)

Might be fun!?

To work it out:

  • Take the profit value
  • Divide by your contribution value (Total portfolio value minus profit)
  • Times this figure by 100

That’s your profit percentage.

Worked example :memo:

Portfolio Value £10,000
Profit £2000
Contribution Value £8000

2000/8000 = 0.25 *100 = 25%

So I started with Freetrade on Sept 10th and fumbled around without much of a strategy for a month or so, but I got my act together and now I’m proudly sat at 16.67%, comfortably beating both pensions that are professionally managed.

Not meant to be humblebrag - more sheer noseyness! :nose:


Started January last year, up 37%

Edit: should probably add this is mainly due to +280% on Tesla


Congratulations @anon810895. You’re doing very well there. The market has been favourable lately, but that rate of return is equivalent to just over 37% annually.

I started about 11 months ago and am currently down 7.7% due to a few gambles, most notably Sirius. Discounting the gambles I would be up about 10%. Could have done better but I thought AMD had peaked last June and missed out on a lot of gains. :flushed:


12.96% ,it should bit a little more because I closed the ISA in early November and move everything to basic account. I had a little profit on the ISA but not remember exactly how much.

Started investing on Freetrade for the the first time on July 19.

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I’m down 2.6% but its an improvement from down around 50% from my first trade when i didn’t have much of a clue what I was doing. Hopefully some good news from EUR soon to stick me well in the green! Up 50% on another platform though!


Up approx 8.5%, only been investing in UK Stocks. Started when Android version shipped last year.

I’ve been inconsistent with my strategy (research, funding, etc), but I’m happy so far. Moving my ISA across shortly from MoneyFarm where I was up ~16% in 3 years


Been investing for nearly a year and I’m up 8.72%
I’ve been investing primarily in dividend stocks so it should (hopefully) start to grow a bit more than that year on year.

Wasted a bit of money in some bad stocks when I started but it’s a learning experience.
Still better than having it in a 1.5% Marcus account.

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Unless you made a single contribution or transfer in thats a very poor way of measuring it. If I do that I get 9.72%. But I made small transfers in spring and early summer and much larger transfers later on.

My weighted average is 23%.


See here how to keep track of your true performance:


Yep agree yours is definitely the more accurate way if you started recording at the beginning, it’s a bit tiresome to go back through my contributions and log it properly though.

If I get time tomorrow I’ll work it out and see how it effects it.

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It won’t take you long. Even if you have contributed every week. You’ll have significantly better records going forward.

You can take a daily or weekly note of the weighted average figure and create awesome graphs like this:Rollingskies Weighted average return

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I started in Aug 2019 and as today i’m up 11.22% :chart_with_upwards_trend:

7% up - started 14th January this year.

Will update after we get some news on Eurasia Mining :grin:

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I’m up 35-40% for the year, when I last checked a few days ago. I have the app on a spare iphone as my main android phone is too old and so not compatible! I seem to have done well with the stock picking, here’s my screenshots from 19/12/2019:

I’m looking to hold long term for my investments either way, I don’t really trade. My ISA return is 16.70% for the last year, which is not with Freetrade.

Also Freetrade needs a feature where we can easily share portfolio percentage gains, think I saw a suggestion thread on this.


Based on your method of calculation @anon810895, I’m up 26% in 4 months, mostly attributed by my AIM stocks where I’m heavily invested and these have performed overall best in my portfolio, top 3 - GGP, BMN and GAN. I’m very happy with that :grin:

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Sitting up 9.4%, happy with that given I started investing in September when we had the trade war, Brexit and since then we’ve had US/Iran, Coronavirus fears.

If I could replicate that return for the next 20 years I’d be more than delighted :ok_hand:t3:

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Ok. I like weighted performance more.

49.76% :heart_eyes_cat: :ok_hand:


37% up in 6 months.

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Started Dec 2018, but most contributions have been in the last 3 months. Currently 24.96% up, a lot of this thanks to Tesla :slight_smile:

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20.55% since Dec 2018 :money_mouth_face: