How much to expect from £100 investment

Hey guys

So I am new here and downloaded the freetrade app! Seems simplifier enough :joy:. I have been doing abit of research and I’ve read the best company’s to invest in are BIG company’s like amazon, Netflix etc?

Realistically how much would I earn from £100? Should I just let it sit until I’ve made some profit?

Thanks guys

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I’ve always invested in companies that I like and believe in e.g Disney. I also invest in firms I know will be around in the next 30-100 years from now.

To summarise, only invest in what you know and it will pay off.

Imagine buying shares at a low price in that company that sells toothpaste that I use🤗

I could go on but you get the gist.

Happy investing.


Thanks Amy. Well I like amazon, Netflix etc so will start of with a low amount and when I get abit more confident I’ll go all in. Are you making a good profit Amy? Do you pay tax?

Hey, I am sure someone here can answer your question better than me but I give you my two cents.

As a common folk, I started with £100 in July 2019 and I kept increasing by little amounts each month/week.

There is not a short answer. I would say your expectation of profit should be related to three things :

1)the time you want to keep your investment going before take what you have earn. If you look in a month of a year window, very little. But in 10/20/30 years those 100 pounds if you are lucky may be worth x10 or x100.

2)capital invested.

  1. type of strategy or combination of strategies you use (dividend or growth? individual stock or EFTs ? Bond or stock? Any specific sector? Trading, short term investing or long term?

There’s no guarantee on what you’ll make and your investment may go down. Putting all your eggs in one basket is also risky -but more risk is potentially more reward.

Over the past 50 years or so the S&P 500 has averaged around 8% annual growth, and the FTSE 100 has averaged around 6.5% over the last 25 years.

I am looking at stocks on freetrade app

It’s Andrew btw😂

I have a mixed bag of investments and just as an example, I am over 70% up on one stock and over 50% up in another in only a matter of months.

I aim to hold the majority of my shares long term so I am generally doing well.

Sorry Andrew lol, (snap). That seems like a good idea keeping the stock long term until it is ready to sell

Doozy of a question but I would echo what others have said. It really depends on your risk tolerance and how long you’re able to keep your money invested for. S&P 500 is one of the best performing markets & if you simply buy the market and hold it for as long as possible you maximise your chances of generating high returns.

Short term investing, trading stocks and trying to time the market are all quick ways of losing money. You’ll find lots of examples of people doing this successfully but make no mistake, they are the exception. Far more people lose money doing this than those who make money - you just dont hear about the people who lose money.

Best of luck on your investment journey

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When I have started I was picking shares that I liked and could afford. July - November did not go very well and I was in loss (about 10%). I understood the importance of having a strategy, control your emotions and enter/reinforce positions when they are undervalued.

In November I switch from ISA account to Basic, so I had to sell all my shares and begin from scratch. This time with a strategy behind. For now things are going well, I have taken back the loss and made some profit. However I am aware that in few days/months I could be down again.

This is for say that you should have your own strategy. I am not in the position to give advice on what shares to buy. What I can recommend is to make it a learning process.

A pick of my portfolio

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Nice one Alex. I’ve just topped up £3 lol and see how that goes. When I begin to understand I’ll put more money in :+1::grinning:


Feel free to stick around and read the stock threads / ask opinions about specific stocks, people here are super helpful!

I tend to think it’s best to expect nothing from the market at the beginning and then slowly build expectation as you become more experienced at spotting potential winners!


Just done my first two shares!


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Not a huge amount but will see how it goes and hopefully get a better understanding of how it all works. I will let them sit like andrew mentioned and see what happens? :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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As others have said it really depends on how long you hold it and at what risk. Let’s keep things simple and look at a historical case:

Let’s say you had invested $100 in an SP500 index fund in 1970 (50 years ago) and left it untouched. Since then, the SP500 has averaged ~8% per year. Today you would have a grand total of
$100 * (1 + 0.08)^50 = $4,690
That is well above inflation levels for this timeframe. Similarly, $1,000 invested in 1970 would be almost $50k today, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

There are some disclaimers:

  • This assumes no fees
  • It’s in dollars, you need to take currency fluctuations into account when looking at the US market (e.g. SP500) in pound sterling
  • Historical performance is not a guarantee of future return
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Think you’ll get a return from one of those shares faster then you think :wink:


I bloody hope so, going right back in if it does

Sirius Minerals is on the verge of being sold off, subject to shareholder approval.

Oh didn’t know that

What will happen if it gets sold off?