Introducing the Portfolio Management sub-category

(Alex Sherwood) #1

Last week Jeff suggested that we create an investment blog category for the community so now we’re making it a thing! :tada:

I know there are loads of people who are regulars on the forum that’ve already given a glimpse into their investment rational & I would avidly follow their posts in a heartbeat.

Anyone who wants to create a blog should just create their own topic to ‘blog’ in - one per person - & anyone else is free to comment on each post in the series.

Please don’t be shy about sharing your mistakes & why you thought that they made sense at the time either, even if it seems obvious why it was wrong in hindsight :broken_heart: You can help others avoid doing the same things & those stories are often the most insightful.

I’m imagining that you’ll keep these posts updated on a weekly / monthly or if you have a really long term strategy, yearly basis :eyes: but please just do whatever feels most natural for you. If you’re learning insights on a daily basis then daily updates would be great too.

Lastly, as always, please follow the investing chat guidelines & don’t give advice or simply copy what someone says in these posts. These are only snippets of people’s thinking and therefore missing out on essential elements!

Check out the posts so far here #investing-and-markets:portfolio-management.