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Hello everyone,

I would like some feedback on my portfolio and investing strategy. I have been investing for nearly 7 months with Freetrade.

When i turned 18 i was very excited in starting my journey of investing in the stock market. I used to add money monthly to my portfolio but realised that dollar cost averaging isn’t the best strategy for a growth portfolio especially in small amounts. Therefore, i now add larger sums every 2/3 months to my portfolio. I used to own 20+ stocks but now have scaled down and focused on companies that will be able to give me a decent long term return.

I am slowly learning the stock fundamentals but right now I’ve invested in companies i think have great long term growth.

What are some of your thoughts? Anywhere you think I could improve on? Should I be adding other stocks like more ETFs, dividend stocks? When should I be adding more to my portfolio especially with a lot of stocks at such high prices right now?

Any advice and feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you


Lloyds really doesn’t have great long term growth or prospects. Why did you choose it?

I’ve got Lloyds from early on and often find myself asking this question.


Some good stocks there and great performance overall. Can’t fault your approach. I personally only invest what I can afford to lose at the moment but have been far too heavy on eis and seis investments historically. Although freetrade are by far now my biggest holding.

I find I invest in companies or industries I know or that I’ve personally done some research on and when I make a profit and decide to sell a stock at a particular point I tend to reinvest in the smaller holdings or average down if I think a stocks in a bit of a dip. I tend to try and focus on companies I’d be comfortable to hold in the long term so I’m prepared for very bad performance which can happen in the short term.

Good luck with your investing.

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I’m new to investing too, having opened my FT account last May, So I may not be the most qualified to offer advice. I offer my thoughts on the basis that I have been reading up on and thinking about stock market investing for a couple of decades, never expecting to have the opportunity to participate directly. So I kind of have a good level of ‘knowledge’ even though largely untested.
My own strategy has been a ‘value’ one. I look for companies that seem undervalued in the market, and invest in them on the basis that the fundamentals are sound and the reason for the market undervaluing them will eventually subside. The hope is for above-market-rate returns when there is the anticipated sharp and substantial increase the value of the shares at some point in the future. I find my prospects by looking up shorted stocks, as well as looking for ‘hidden gems’ in less trendy sectors.
As with any prudent strategy involving betting on a future outcome, there is some hedging mixed in. My value portfolio is reasonably hedged with some etfs, growth stocks (including some that you own), and solid dividend stocks.
The reason for this lengthy story is to make the point that there really is no advice I would take from anyone about my choice of stock because if I did that, neither my successes or my losses would be my own, and I would be denying myself the foundational opportunity to learn from experience.
What do I think about your stock choices? Make sure your investment strategy matches your personality; stick to your guns; learn from your mistakes.


Thanks a lot, will do!

I guess you’re I’m going to rethink that one

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Can I suggest that you compare you personal return against benchmarks such as the FTSE100, S&P 500, and global markets? That’s the best indication of how well you’ve performed.

Personally, I think you’ve made the right choice to scale down your number of holdings (it’s impossible to keep up with the news of 20+ companies), but I’d definitely consider adding more ETFs to your portfolio to widen your exposure and add some diversification.


One observation - Apple is the largest Berkshire Hathaway holding, and the largest QQQ holding.

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