My Freetrade portfolio

Hello Everyone

I have joined the crowd and uploaded my portfolio onto a youtube.

there is lots of ums and arrrss but hey ho my first video would love to know peoples views on my investments.



Nice one, enjoyed the video mate.


Cineworld is an interesting pick.

According to Simply Wall st it is undervalued and pays good dividend:

but growth is expected to be not as good as the market’s.

Be careful with CINEWORLD… its the top most shorted stock in the UK

Might have a similar fate to Debenhams and Thomas Cook

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Cineworld took on a lot of debt when they acquired Regal. Earlier this year they sold a number of their cinemas then leased them back. They then handed about half of the cash they made from the property sales back to shareholders in dividends, rather than using it to pay off more of their debts. With IFRS 16 coming in to play their balance sheet isn’t going to look pretty.


Thanks Buddy

Think Im going to jump out of cineworld admittedly have not done enough homework there

If you dive into the balance sheet it is propped up by a shedload of goodwill too, a right off to this would probably cause them to breach covenants - not surprised it is so shorted.

@Aaron_Cornick thanks for the video! I’ve subscribed

Hello Everyone

After some thinking and researched I had sold cineworld added another facebook share and some Activision. The new addition is Uber was peoples thought I’m pretty bullish on there future.
Check out my portfolio on the tube …