Freetrader MM

Hey all, I’ve started my investing journey and decided to document it on YouTube.

I invest about £50 a month, so it’s relatable for some of you out there!

Thanks in advance and leave a comment saying you came from here, I post twice a week, Monday & Thursday (Sometimes I drop bonus videos to)


Been following your journey on YouTube ! Growing well and some good investments there

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Appreciate your youtube videos, helps me out as a beginner

do you have any social media like instagram?

hope to see more from you



Nice video about the watchlist!

I cannot see it on my app though.


Only for beta testers at the moment, iron out any issues before general release.

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Thanks, sorry, I’ve just got back from travelling.

Update the app!

Thanks, no I don’t.

You can drop me a comment on YouTube and we can message through there?

Ah, I see, can tell I’m still new to it alll haha

Thanks GD!!!

Can’t see your channel anymore. Looks like it’s no longer available