My investment journey on YouTube

I have only been investing a month and would love if you could check out my YouTube channel and portfolio updates:

If you like the channel please subscribe and like the video as it helps the channel to grow so much:

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This is where it all began if you want to start at the beginning:

Subbed my guy

Thanks mate :ok_hand: I am to yours too! have u got Instagram?

New video just went live, added in 6 new stocks, please like and subscribe

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Just watched over these, thanks for sharing. I’ve subbed

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Thanks so much !! Means a lot :grin:

Got my first round of dividends last night from Freetrade! Reinvested today, not a lot but I’ve only been investing just over a month so pretty exciting for me


New video just went live

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Can I suggest to cut down your intro clip. Im certain theres probably some actual study out there, but 15 seconds is to long :smiley:

Look at Marques Brownlee for example. His intro b-rolls are 4 second long.

(sorry thats not realted to the content at all :D) keep up the work.

Thanks for the advice, I will be looking to get a new intro clip made up, I have had dms on Instagram saying they really like the clip so was holding off making a new one but now not sure what to do ? :joy:

Latest video just went live, huge changes in my portfolio and locked in the profits from the election results:

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