Freetrade Investment - YouTube Series

Hi all!

As a massive Freetrade fan (and investor!) I wanted to start documenting my Freetrade investment journey (thanks for the inspiration @Certi.Curti).

I’ve never made a YouTube video before today, so please excuse any mistakes! I’ve just uploaded my first video here:

I would really appreciate it if you could like/subscribe and I’ll be back with more content soon! Hopefully in profit next time though :grin:

If you have any feedback please leave it down below, or in the comments on YouTube.


Hi Lewis, for some reason my browser didn’t support the video format of YouTube… so I added your link here for other who may have similar issues with format.

Good work, and all the best with your channel.

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Ah not sure why that happened, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Liked and subscribed.


Thanks Viktor, appreciated :+1:t2:

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Great work Lewis, love it!

You’re welcome mate - keep up the good work - will be following your journey for sure!

Good work.

Great seeing how/why/what other people are investing in.

For Freetrade - Can we get a Wiki with a list of all the Investment Series? Maybe separated as Blogs, and Vlogs?


Nice Lewis, good work I subscribed.

I find channels like yourself ‘s and @Certi.Curti very useful as it is always nice to hear a second opinion about a stock. Also brings some stocks that I have not heard of to my attention!

Both of you keep the good work!


Thanks mate! Appreciate it

Nice work! :+1:

Thoroughly enjoying all the videos posted to the channels relating to Freetrade app.
I feel like I’ve known Curtis for years :joy:

Shame he’s a Utd fan though!


Don’t forget @Emina1 although he’s been a lazy mare recently

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LOOOOL Its crazy!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: And you support who?

:joy::joy::joy: am defo uploading my next video on Thursday. Definitely :see_no_evil:

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Tottenham Hotspur :smirk::soccer:

I’m nearly back in profit… Think it would be nice to upload a video where I’m actually doing ok! :joy:

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I don’t mind Spurs tbh, we have a common enemy in Arsenal.