Colin Furze YouTube Ad

I’ve just seen the Colin Furze secret tunnel youtube video with Freetrade as the sponsor, quite a nice plug: Slight shame I got the Wealthify pre-roll and banner ads to go with it, but that might be the algo at work.


Colin Furze is awesome, and he has like 11 million subscribers :+1:


Best me to it (by quite a few hours :laughing:)

Just caught the video and was massively surprised to see Freetrade as the sponsor :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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It struck me as a bit of an odd collaboration if I’m honest. But exposure is exposure and I’m sure a good chunk of his (many) viewers hadn’t heard of Freetrade before.

I’m sure Freetrade did their research first and looked at his channel analytics etc, but with 11m subs, I’m sure it cost them a pretty penny. Hopefully it will bear fruit!


I’ve been watching Colin Furze for years, it’s been great to see his audience grow.
Seems initially like a bit of a weird match, but hopefully it’s got Freetrade in front of a lot of eyes that had never considered investing before.


Colin is great, I’ve been watching his stuff for years also. I initially thought the same, that it was a bit of a wierd match, but thinking about it, his audience is probably broadly millenial, has some bias to techies, and some bias to UK investors. There were comments on the video about it not being available in France and someone on the forum asking if it was available in the states, but that needs Freetrade to get on with it.


Was surprised as I wasn’t expecting to see FT advertising through good ol’ Colin.

Great target audience :wink:

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I think this could be good a marketing strategy as it’s “growing” the market as opposed to just taking a share of the existing market. His channel will be aimed at a lot of young people, possibly into technology, and this will be a good opportunity to get them interested in investing.

I would bet that a lot of viewers may have not thought seriously about investing previously.


He got me to join the community and register an account with FT. I had been reading about investing for a few months and thought that I ought to get involved in the near future. I looked at a handful of platforms for UK traders, but none of them seemed appealing. For some reason I hadn’t come across FT before, so I would say that the timing of the FT ad was ideal to pique my interest.


Fantastic. Welcome to the journey.

It would be great if you could post your user number here with an approximate date of signing up:



I’ve replied with my number. I’d also estimate that I had signed up within 12 hours of his video being published.


Have just seen Colin released a new video which also had FT sponsorship !


Are you referring to the Secret Tunnel part 2 video or another one? I’d say the partnership must be working out well for both parties. I was reviewing the number of views in the Tunnel part 1 and part 2 videos last night. Staggering! Sure he has 11m subscribers, but not everyone watches all of his videos, at least not immediately. Surprisingly there were way more viewers on part 2 (3.4m) than part 1 (2.1m) which is strange, but a good thing that FT is spreading the love across a number of videos!

I wonder what the conversion to FT users will be like. If we could just get 5% of the actual viewers to sign up, that would be amazing, but probably far less than that. 170,000 users, assuming the total active viewer base is based on the video with the most views ie. Assuming the 2.1m viewers from the part 1 video also watched part 2 so are included in the 3.4m. I know not all of them will overlap though.

Edit: I now see there is a Tunnel part 3 posted 6 hours ago and already 1m views :muscle:t4: :pick: :rocket:


Yeah part three! DIGGING A SECRET TUNNEL part 3 - YouTube


It was worked out in another thread that since Colin Furze came on board he has added approximately 1000 more sign ups a day.


What about the Geordie bloke? :joy: Colin seems to be getting all the credit when the bloke up north must be adding some :stuck_out_tongue:

That may have been me.

Not an exact science though. Would be interesting to hear the actual number in total.


Well I only joined FT after watching the Colin Furze video and then only to see what the free share offer was all about. I’m not much of a gambler and worked on a Share Dealing platform for a major UK bank for a number of years. I will stay out of curiosity and might try a few test investments for the giggles but only with a bit of cash I can afford to lose.


Welcome! Hope you got a decent free share!

If you signed up in the last 6 days and have a user number higher than this one:

please post it on that chat along with an idea of when you signed up.


Then maybe time to read up. I really wouldn’t consider long-term investing gambling. :slight_smile:

Otherwise everyone with a pension would be considered a gambler!