Freetrade Plus ads Reaction on social

Hi all. Really like the ads and the Plus product so congrats all FT team. Fantastic work.

Brief observation today - some of the early reaction on social is negative to Plus. Pricing and also contradiction with the Freetrade name.

The community management especially on twitter has been superb to show the accessibility and tone of the brand and experience. So again - excellent work @sampoullain and team.

But I somehow can’t help thinking that a big push on Plus has some confusing optics. The first time many new potential investors encounter Freetrade will now be for a paid product.

Free Freetrade hasn’t really been shouted about yet - and from my pov that is a big first step for many who may then move onto plus?

Full disclosure - I’m new to investing. The first shares I ever bought were a slice of freetrade as I knew I needed a free, simple and modern product that was a gateway to investing and to learning about investing.

The market for a paid product - and the price point - seems very contentious.

How do we see this playing out? Is it just the opposition out in force?

Are there also plans for a campaign to bang the drum about free Freetrade too @Viktor ?

The simplicity and design is such a fantastic first step for investment newbies.

I’m sure the campaign will prove a success overall. All the best as it gathers steam.

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