Freetrade Advert

Would it be possible for someone at FT to post the ad which is being run on YouTube for us to see?


Pretty please.


That advert was excellent, time to disable the YouTube adblocker :laughing:

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I’d love to send it some friends and share on social media. If we could have the link it would be great…

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They said they plan to put the whole AMA on their YouTube channel, it would make sense to put the advert on as well separately

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Hope you enjoyed the preview, you’ll see it drop tomorrow morning! :plus_:


Might be a good idea to send a message out to investors like the one we received from Viktor when FT hit 200K users at the back end of July


We will!


Freetrade Plus Video Advert:


Honest opinion, it’s a pretty bland advert - doesn’t engage the viewer at all. If this is being run on Youtube most people will skip it.

Compare this to the Trading212 advert from 2 years ago (I’m not endorsing their actual product in any way, I just found their ad very entertaining) - Free Stock Trading by Trading 212 - YouTube

Disagree. T212 ad feels like it’s trying really really hard, I don’t like it.


Okay ad given it will be audience targeted, but as a marketing professional I’d say it’s way too long.
Some points are repeated (such as the ‘Go further with your investing’…why?), and the music isn’t entirely enthralling… I’m getting Apple vibes, but it just isn’t slick enough.
Cut it down to 30 secs, and you have something that is still miles ahead of the aggravating eToro ads.

Which reminds me…

When you’re pushing this, make sure you change the distribution settings so you don’t bombard me ten times a day like some competitors do. I have a dartboard with Alec Baldwin’s face on it. :dart:


Hi all. Really like the ads and the Plus product so congrats all FT team. Fantastic work.

Brief observation today - some of the early reaction on social is negative to Plus. Pricing and also contradiction with the Freetrade name.

The community management especially on twitter has been superb to show the accessibility and tone of the brand and experience. So again - excellent work @Freetrade_Team and team.

But I somehow can’t help thinking that a big push on Plus has some confusing optics. The first time many new potential investors encounter Freetrade will now be for a paid product.

Free Freetrade hasn’t really been shouted about yet - and from my pov that is a big first step for many who may then move onto plus?

Full disclosure - I’m new to investing. The first shares I ever bought were a slice of freetrade as I knew I needed a free, simple and modern product that was a gateway to investing and to learning about investing.

The market for a paid product - and the price point - seems very contentious.

How do we see this playing out? Is it just the opposition out in force?

Are there also plans for a campaign to bang the drum about free Freetrade too @Viktor ?

The simplicity and design is such a fantastic first step for investment newbies.

I’m sure the campaign will prove a success overall. All the best as it gathers steam.


Hey Neil

Thanks for the feedback, and it has indeed been a very busy day!

In terms of the Freetrade Plus campaign, we want to ensure we reach all existing Freetrade customers, first and foremost.

In addition, our extensive research tells us that there are a large number of more experienced investors out there to whom Plus may represent great value for money for their investing needs.

For the latter audience, we’re ensuring that those customers are also aware of the award-winning offering included for all Freetrade customers. Which is why our paid campaign does reinforce this with some key messaging — commission-free investing, award winning app, etc.

Are there also plans for a campaign to bang the drum about free Freetrade too?

Yes, you bet. You will see much, much more from us across our marketing channels over the coming months.

We’re only just getting started!


Hey Adam,

Thanks for the feedback.

Good point, and yes there are indeed multiple shorter versions and variations of this full advert, as our design team can testify to!

We wanted to produce a longer — albeit still less than one minute long — video to showcase everything that’s inside Plus membership today.

You may see the shorter versions popping up shortly, but we do hope your dartboard can stay where it is :wink:


Think this is the first Freetrade Promoted Tweet I’ve seen.


Thanks that Sam. Reassuring to hear.

Keep up the great work!


Spotted on Facebook:


…sooo millenial. Can just see their short back and sides/curly top haircuts now !

I saw the Instagram (shorter version) last night. Looks :fire:
Don’t worry, I didn’t click Learn More, use that advertising money on new joiners. :sunglasses: