Google Ad

Some pretty low class advertising from Trading212, they must be feeling the pressure.

It’s pretty normal for companies to advertise against keywords relating to rival businesses, or other business names. I don’t think this is at all unusual.


No ad for me, T212 doesn’t even show up on the 1st page.

T212 is top for me when I search Freetrade ISA as well.

Interestingly their new social media ads say ‘no paywall’ as well, a clear dig at FT Plus.

I had the same, it’s interesting that it links to a comment about Freetrade being childish too…

They must be worried, long live Freetrade :freetrade:

For me the whole first page of results is nothing but Freetrade. Althought he last 3 results are for MoneySavingExpert, BoringMoney and MoneyToTheMasses

“Interesting” that a CFD firm that makes so much money uses it to advertise against a plucky startup.

A family friend at a certain big advertising platform told me they spend multiple millions of pound just with them every month.

It makes you think how they plan to get their return on investment.

A lot of their ads are pretty low class digs at FT.


:laughing: I listen to youtube music at work and they must be spending a huge part of those millions on advertising to me on there.

They should probably use their funds to improve their infrastructure to retain current users, rather than constantly having to get new ones :slight_smile:


That’s their business model, churn and burn those CFD customers.

They may have a dodgy CFD-funded business model but Freetrade still doesn’t have regular contributions and auto-investment, while they have ‘pies’ with percentage allocation of regular funding, easy rebalancing and a broader range of the ETFs that I would want for a long-term passive portfolio - so it is tempting… The fact the ISA is free is a bonus of course, but I would pay freetrade’s ISA fee for those features + a clean conscience