Freetrade ads

Saw quite a few ads on tube this morning. Would be good to see where people spot them.


No doubt a bloody good time for FT to do this as sure there will be a few deals on advertising:+1:

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I was wondering if they got a good deal as still not many people in the tube, but I guess that answers the question. Either way, the ads are normally paid per view (or estimate of number of people viewing) so I guess it balances out.

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From my experience, I’ve found that tube adverts aren’t particularly effective. Hoping that I am wrong this time!

I agree I only read the adverts on the tube to avoid eye contact and get into a chat, at least that is what I thought us Brits had to do by law :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously it works. I am however very surprised they didn’t put a QR code on the posters.


:joy: no doubt some numpty would try and sue FT for an accident but the ones on the inside of the tube should of had it. :+1:

You should print your own QR code and stick it next to the poster!


:joy: :joy: :joy:

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From a couple of businesses I have worked with who have placed tube adverts, their return on investment hasn’t been great. I agree in that I look at all the adverts as well, but I can’t ever say I have signed up to one after seeing it and entered a code from the tube! You rely on everyone using a code on the tube to make it measurable (sometimes difficult underground with limited WiFi or if they don’t do it instantly and search for a bigger discount like I would!).

My data is very limited so hopefully they are using data that shows otherwise!

I have very limited knowledge when it comes to marketing but one thing I’ve learned from my company’s growth team is that not all ads aim to drive instant sign-ups. Sometimes it’s about creating awareness and then later targeting the same user again through digital ads (e.g Facebook) with a clear call-to-action, and thus getting better conversion.


Can anybody under the age of 30 translate the who / what here? :older_man:

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I think it means Freetrade now sponsor him to talk crap on a football podcast or something :joy: but I am over 30 so may be very wide of the mark :man_facepalming:

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If it helps, I’m under the age of 30 and have no bloody idea either!

My interest in influencers, youtubers and podcasters is non existent though!


I saw the escalator ad and thought it was way too wordy and hard to read everything just in passing.

Wondering if they used an agency for this, if not, maybe they should have.

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Been hearing a few FT ads on LBC Radio this week

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