Freetrade Plus vs Freetrade Alpha - anyone know the difference?

From the AMA - "Alpha accounts what info can you give? Adam mentioned they are very close! Next month we will see ‘Freetrade Plus’ coming. The pitch deck on Crowdcube will have more information about this. The plus account will have many more features including more analysis, content, news, different order types and many more. "

Didn’t really see anything in the pitch deck on this - does anyone have clarity?


I’m fairly sure Freetrade Plus is just a new name for the concept of Freetrade Alpha


Yeah I was looking forward to seeing more information in the pitch deck, sadly nothing there…

Any reason for this? @Viktor @Ian @adam


Previous crowdfunding rounds had rewards of ‘x free months of Freetrade Alpha’ ( x dependent on amount invested ) but not sure if the Alpha / Plus terminology is interchangeable in this context.

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I would hope so - unless that’s part of the reason for the re-brand :thinking:

You mean Freetrade wants to trick investors as the reason for renaming? Sure…
It’s going to be the same obviously.


Freetrade Alpha and Plus are the same. Alpha was always a working title :slightly_smiling_face:


Any more snippets to share? :wink:

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Any news about this plus account? When will it be available?

What is extra in plus/alpha?

It should be available later this month or in august. It’s currently beta tested internally.


I think Freetrade has a clear path to profitability. The 0.45% exchange fee is absolutely fine, and I am happy to pay for it as a customer. If they grow enough and have enough stocks in their universe, more trades will happen and they’ll have solid revenue.

The plus account is a really nice added revenue stream for hardcore investors. I just hope it has a huge bundle of features, but only features hardcore fans would want. Pleeeease don’t make the basic product stagnant by bundling everything new behind a paywall.


I’m also quite worried about them talking about certain stocks being behind a paywall. If this was access to different markets ( maybe Japan/ Australia/ South Korea fair enough) but picking certain US/ UK equities? That could be risky. I am very interested to see what they come up with.


Now it’s released, when are investors likely to get their perks?

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