The Scottish Investor - My Freetrade Portfolio YouTube Channel

Just to inform you all, I’ve decided to take the plunge and started up my own channel detailing my freetrade journey.

I personally get lots of enjoyment and insight from watching other channels outline their portfolios, strategies and thought processes, so thought why not hop on the bandwagon :smile:

My first video is a small introduction, and I’ll be looking to upload twice a week. One being a personal topic, with the other being a Stock Portfolio Update.

If you enjoy the content please subscribe, like and all that jazz. Also if there’s any feedback, positive, negative or constructive throw that in aswell, cheers.


I’ve subbed! Will have a watch tonight.

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Good man! Cheers :grin::ok_hand:t3:

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Nice video you seem on the right track with the paying yourself first. Teletext hahahaha gave me a good laugh! I remember checking football scores on it 20 years or so ago. All the best for your next vid’s returns :+1:

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Nice video, thank you. Can’t wait for the next.

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I’ve just subscribed to your channel, Jamie, and gave the video a wee like as well. :wink:


Great Stuff, I’ve subscribed and hope to see more content soon :wink:


Hi Jamie, thanks for sharing!

Subscribed, and we’ve also added it to the Reviews Playlist on our channel:

Enjoyed hearing how you got started investing – interesting story. I was also a big Teletext fan but more for page 302 in those days :soccer:

P.S. as a fellow Scot, no translation needed :wink:


Cheers for that mate! I’ll make sure to give the platform a proper shoutout, I’ll get another video out on Thursday :smile::ok_hand:t3:


Good video. Nice to have an insight into why you buy the stocks you buy.


Your accent is a bit different though? Or the same, I just got used to it. :slight_smile:

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Congrats. Joined the subscription list


Episode 2 troops :+1:t3: All feedback welcome!


Pancake Tuesday or Sheffield Wednesday :joy:


Enjoying this one again, some interesting trends you’ve picked out :bulb:

:joy::joy: yeah that took me out. Entertaining videos. Keep it going.

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A wee bit of Sunday night viewing for you’s seeing as the tele is mince :smile:


Great vids. Ive subscribed. Good to see more UK investors on YouTube

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Hi Jamie,

Great stuff so far! Any more coming up? @Jamie1088


There will be an update soon, a lot going on so my stock purchases have been limited the last two months.

I’ll try get a wee video on the go to outline my current situation and to let off some steam :smile::+1:t3:

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