My dividend growth portfolio

Afternoon Freetraders! Hope all of you are well!

As someone who journals daily I have decided it would be nice to keep a video record of my portfolio built here on Freetrade, up till now I have been just writing down my thoughts and progress in a journal, it’s a new portfolio and this whole YouTube thing is very new to me!

That being said either way I will be recording it’s progress on my channel linked below:

Episode 1 of my dividend growth portfolio

Would appreciate feedback here or on my channel in the comments about the holdings and the current allocations although it’s still expanding!

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Happy investing :pray:


I really enjoyed the video and can’t wait for future videos.

Just wondering but what made you invest in US stocks only? There are good dividend companies in the UK like NG. and ABF.

Enjoyed and Subscribed to your channel :desert_island:

Thank you! I am eyeing up some U.K. positions the portfolio is small right now and I am always looking to expand, have looked at both of these recently might have another look!


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Wow thank you very much :pray:

Episode 2 is now up on YouTube :face_with_hand_over_mouth: