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Back by popular demand…well all one of you’s :smile:

5 new ETF’s, One Spec Stock and one house sold!


Good stuff. I think you could do more politics as well :wink:

We’ll have to do a meetup for freetraders in Nicola’s republic of Scotia one day.

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Aw I definitely don’t want to go down that rabbit hole! If I gave my views on the world and my political leanings the algorithm would have me more hidden than my channel already is, if that’s possible :joy:

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Fun fact: Scotland is named after an Egyptian princess who’s name was put into Old Irish as Scota. It was believed she was the daughter of Akhenaten - Meritaten.

And she’s buried in county Kerry on the west coast of Ireland. Wether or not the Egypt bit is true that’s why it’s named Scotland

According to Wikipedia you just made that up :smiley:

No more shooting incidents in the street I hope :wink:


Wikipedia…You didn’t venture off the one page no doubt. She gave name to the Scoti tribe thus Scotland. Didn’t make anything up mate look for yourself

In Ireland numerous tribes/waves are named after one person. eg. Danann, Milesians

No that wasn’t my street Shane, nor my reason for selling thankfully :smile:

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I’ll like it anyway haha

Yeah not really. Yours is a legend according to historians.

“Few historians have taken the story to be anything more than a verbose bit of Middle Ages origin story-spinning, created by a nation who needed to prove that they were of ancient stock.” (
“The Gaels gave Scotland its name from ‘Scoti’, a racially derogatory term used by the Romans to describe the Gaelic-speaking ‘pirates’ who raided Britannia in the 3rd and 4th centuries.” (BBC)

It would be a cool origin story, but just reading it is so unbelievable :slight_smile:

In Ireland that’s what it’s thought of as the Gaels are from Ireland. It’s too long ago for any historian to be credible on it but thats the consensus here :tipping_hand_man:

Also this is interpration is definitely BC and not 3th/4th and it’s probably why it trumps it here as a theory. Just because it’s older not that it’s verbatim. Ours are only a number of theories as well. There’s many theories even about root words in other languages etc.

That’s maybe what the Irish want to believe. You are again ridiculing scientists in favour of hearsay, in this case the entire field of history just because it doesn’t fit what you want to believe. This story is so ridiculous it cannot be true. In no way possible. A people makes things like that up to feel superior.

Yours is but a theory as well its not verbatim :rofl: Even your precious wikipedia says so

It feels like you don’t understand what a theory is. But we went well off topic, let’s stop this here.

After me saying my channel didn’t have political beliefs and wasn’t a political broadcast :man_shrugging:t3::joy:


Just for you haha

Great video Jamie! Looking forward to the next one and also keen to hear about your journey into the property market!

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Just started the series tonight, really enjoying it.

As a fellow Scot, every time you say ‘Disney’ I hear ‘doesnae’ :rofl:


Disney being my biggest holding definitely confuses things, I’ll keep that in mind and try stick to “doesn’t” coz I’m definitely not selling Disney :joy::joy:


I’m a big fan of Disney, too. I’m just getting started out, but it will definitely be one of my biggest holdings going forward.

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