Investing strategy and diversification

Evening everyone. I am am relatively new to investing and I am building a long term investment ISA; planned for the next 20 years + to bolster my retirement pot.

I currently hold several investment trust after doing some research; Alliance trust, SMT, BG Japan, Fidelity China special and some Renewable infrastructures. Lots I know but I got excited and carried away with this sparkly new FT app and wanted diversification!

Thing is I have been reading more and looking at global tracking ETF’s. I want one! But it’s hard to add to them all as my monthly top ups are relatively small; £50 am thinking.

I am thinking rightly or wrongly that it is better to have a smaller number with more money invested in them? Trouble is I like my choices and am loathed to sell as they are predominately in the green.

I know I have to make my own decision but interested in the experience of this community.

Appreciate your views :+1:t2:


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