Can I get some advice please 😊

Basically I would like to invest long term for say 10 years maybe more, like a pension.

I’d like to start with say £100 and then add each month what I can afford.

I’d prefer something with dividends to maybe boost my share rates but I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go.

I know everyone has their own ideas but I just want a rough idea to research.

Thanks in advance Andy


There’s some links in here


Thank you

I started in exactly the same situation. VWRL was the fund I used. I think a lot of others do too. Maybe worth looking it up


Cheers I’ll add it to my list to research.

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You dont have to worry about dividends too much but it depends on your goals. I would say if you’re looking at ETFs or Investment Trusts and you’re looking at long term growth then don’t let the dividend be a major deciding factor. Look for good ETFs and Trusts that you feel confident in.

Keep in mind as well that you can get all the details about either on their sites.

I started out with all my money in a global fund for a while its an easy choice and gives you time invested to pick up some reading.

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I started out the same. Now I’ve ventured out abit more into Investment trusts and sector/themed ETFs. A fair chunk of my portfolio still is the global fund.

I’ve a very similar setup, some ITs, and themed ETFs. Except for this one slightly too large Tesla position :joy:


Out of interest, if you have the global fund there’s nothing wrong with investing into more focused regional funds as well? Like, say if you have the VWRL, it’s okay to also invest in UK Large caps or Emerging markets, even though some of those might be covered by the VWRL?

Apologies for hijacking the thread to ask that.

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Nothing wrong with that at all, they will have different weightings on sectors/companies/regions meaning growth will be different between them.

In VWRL due to it being so heavily diversified and investing in a huge amount of companies (3000+), none of the companies have large weightings in there. So one company or sector doing well e.g-tech/apple will have less impact on its growth compared to a tech based ETF e.g-NASDAQ 100.

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Yep that’s fine. I’m overweight Emerging Markets according to FTSE World but in my opinion that index is overweight USA and underweight China and India.

I also invest specifically in Japan through an investment trust as I feel there is an emerging digital scene thats been accepted due to Pandemic. For example digital signature would never have been considered 12 months ago due to ancient traditions. A broad index might not capture that so an active approach is better in my view

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