Starting my ISA with ETFs

Hi I just set up my Freetrade account and made my first deposit (5k), this is money I had doing nothing in my current account and wanted to try out investing. I’m looking at putting 80% into ETF’s so I can hopefully leave them and use the other 20% on other stocks. I’ve been doing a bit of research and I’m pretty keen on the tech sector so I’m considering these ETF’s:

VWRL 40%
EQQQ 20%
CHRG 10%
CYBP 10%

Something like those percentages, does that look sensible or too many eggs in one basket?


Hi @m00ny :ocean:

Welcome to the community. I’m not the ETF guru in these parts but I do know you’ll find a fair amount of overlap between VWRL & SQQQ. The biggest holdings in VWRL are almost all big tech companies

Did you sign up recently?

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Hi @NeilB , thanks, yes signed up last night and have been doing a lot of reading today! I did notice the top holdings in those 2 are very similar but I would like a heavier investment in tech then what the VWRL offers if that makes sense.

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That makes a lot of sense and if you’re new to investing and have plumped straight for a suite of ETF then you should be applauded - getting a solid foundation for your portfolio is very smart.

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