My Journey: Blog


First time blogger and have decided to blog my investment journey.

Apologies for the very basic look, but I have never used WordPress before.

Hope you can take look and post any comments :slight_smile:


Congrats. I like that people are doing this, consider me a regular reader

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This kind of thing is definitely in demand as more people have access to investing.
Looking forward to updates :smiley:


No idea how i can setup a notification system so you get alerts when I post!

Nice, I’ll keep reading it. :+1:

As you are using Freetrade, feel free to link us if you don’t mind (but no pressure to do so).

There are plenty of nice free templates out there for WordPress whenever you’ll have time to make it look more dazzling. :slight_smile:


I hope Freetrade admins do not mind me posting updates.

But here is an update:


Just read through your blog, I think writing down your investment thoughts is definitely good as it makes you think more about what you’re doing.

My question is do you have an investment goal or timeline, because that might affect how you invest?

I’m looking pretty long term, personally, 10+ years so I’m mainly looking at investements that I think will do well over that timeframe.


Yes, a good point. Like anything, circumstances change.

But my goals are mixed. I am looking for dividend payments so i can re-invest, but also some 5-10 year investments.

A new blog, with some tools i use:


You have some big yielders in your portfolio.
If you keep dripping your money in for the long term you should have a nice snowball of compounding.

New update: upcoming dividend news + some thoughts on my stocks.

Please comment on the page if you have any thoughts.

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New update for my portfolio, a better week last week :slight_smile: