More details on the rollout

We’ve had some questions recently about how the rollout will work so I thought I’d take the chance to share some more detail on how the rollout of the iPhone app will work :smile: Please bear in mind that this plan may change - this is just what we’re anticipating at the moment.

Phase Number of users Who will have access in this phase
Super early testing Up to 500, added in small batches of ~10 We’ll pick users with a wide range of devices, investing experience & a mix of demographics, from the “early tester” list. Not everyone from that list will be in this phase - we just need a number of volunteers ready for a work-in-progress experience. In particular, we’ll choose investors to be the very first users during this phase.
Early access Up to 2,000, added in batches of ~100 The investors who earned early access in our R1 and R2 crowdfunding rounds. Some good news for round 2 investors who technically haven’t qualified for the early access reward: you’ve waited long enough, and you’ll be included in this group too :tada:
Top of the queue Up to 6,000 Referrers and R3 investors who earned a queue jump
Working down the queue 50,000+ Everyone else, we love you, too!! :two_hearts:

I’m sure that some of you have spotted this but just in case - around 6,000 people on the waiting list have referred at least one friend so far. So if you want to be one of the first to test the app & you’ve not recommended Freetrade to anyone else yet, just one referral could bump you a long way up the list :eyes:. Either way, you’ll work your way to the top of the queue in the end.

When it comes to the speed of the rollout, we’ll need to grow our customer support & brokerage operations teams to cope with a larger number of users using the app so this isn’t just dependent on getting the app working.

I can say with real honesty that the entire team wants to launch this as soon as possible. We’re working tirelessly to get across the finish (start) line and we can’t wait to get your feedback. Not long now!


If it helps I have a iPhone 5 / 6 / 7… take your pick :wink:


Thank you for the details @Ian

That worried me a bit as it can be hard to expand quickly but I am sure everything will go well. :crossed_fingers:emphasized text

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It would be helpful to give aproximate dates as to when are all of these stages going to happen.As far as I understand the super early round starts on the 18th of September and you will start adding people after that?
I hope everything goes quickly as I dont want to put any more money into my broker now as im waiting for your launch.


Just to mention, it’s not too late to register your interest in taking part in the super early testing phase here :running_man:



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That’s a good point. It might have been better to have written “Optimise our customer support & brokerage operations”. This will become clearer as more people onboard, after which we can share more detail.


I genuinely can’t remember if I did :grimacing:

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You did :+1:

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Hey guys! Thanks for the info on the rollout.

I’m an R2 investor (I don’t think I qualified for early access) but I currently sit at position 3,001.

I can see the table shows only up to 2,000 users though. The description says I’ll be included in this group but I’m technically out of range. What’ll happen here?

The only reason why you are within 3000 in the queue is because referrers are technically sitting before you but will be prioritised only after the investor’s such as yourself.

Bottom line - not to worry, you are absolutely part of the 2000 people regardless of the amount invested in Round 2 and your current position in the queue :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, thanks for the clarification :+1:t2:.




Chris, that has to feel good! :grin::ok_hand::wink:

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It does. Being one of the first to post their referral link on the monzo forum really helped.
Made it to 17th I think at one point.