Super Early Tester Phase update

Just wanted to give a quick update that we have 52 early testers online!

So far we’ve chosen users based on a wide range of criteria:

  • Device
  • Experience investing (both experienced and inexperienced)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Activity in the community (we guessed that the most active users here would provide the most feedback & that’s been categorically true, so thank you!)
  • Whether the person is a crowdfunding investor

To be clear, we’re looking for users with the right combination of these criteria, and none of them outweighs the others.

This is working pretty well so far, as you can see from the number of ideas (please vote for your favourites) that have been shared here so far.

So we’ll carry on taking this approach for the remainder of the Super Early Testing Phase. We really can’t wait to have more of you onboard!

If you are interested, send through your details here.


I also think another factor to take into account is number of referrals and qualification for queue jump reward should be accounted for.

I never thought my ability to talk rubbish and post GIFs would come in useful. Yet it has


Good shout - and it is accounted for. :point_left:

What we are doing right now is in the name: super early testing. It helps us improve the product before we add hundreds, and soon enough, thousands of people. It’s not quite the same as adding people from the waitlist if that makes sense.


It’s accounted for the main waiting list, but my suggestion is specific for this super early testing list.

Those who have referred a lot of others to the main list or/and invested enough to earn a queue jump did so go get as early access to the app as possible. Thus far, my queue jump bumped me up 100 places and I’ve fallen almost as far back down since. Therefore, the queue jump reward hasn’t been much of a reward and neither has 6+ organic referrals when the app is now in external hands that don’t include mine. Hope this makes sense.

It would be great to discuss your waitlist position on live chat, as I’m very surprised to hear that 6 referrals and the queue jump reward didn’t bump you up at all! :grimacing:

But on the high level, your thoughts make sense, Theodore! I think we talk about different things though. We are doing testing now, so we identify improvement areas across different segments (investors vs. non-investors, male vs. female, London-based vs. living in Northern Ireland, etc) before we start giving access, starting with early access.

For what it’s worth, we looked for the various segments across our crowdfunding investors first, many of whom referred their friends and earned queue jumps.


So when the testing phase is over I assume testing accounts get migrated over or are they already on the “live” system?

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It is the live system, but the product is rather incomplete right now: no ISA, no US stocks. All that stuff is being built on the same system, no migration will be necessary.

What I mean is, we are trying to be considered in terms of the blend of the early tester group. E.g. if we want to build a great product for segment X (let’s say women), then rather than giving the idea lip service, maybe we should make them a core part of building the product from the earliest point possible.


So I can start to build my investment position now on the full knowledge I don’t need to scrub it? (Rather than buying 1 or 2 shares here and there for test purposes)

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Yes! You’ll preserve your investment position. :+1: