69k -> 0?

So this morning there were something like 69900 people ahead of me in the queue. A few hours ago I received an email stating I’d reached the front of the queue. I opened up the app and it showed there were 0 people in front of me.

As far as I’m aware no one has bumped me up so any idea how this has happened?

A shame I’m on Android but looking forward to using my account early next year

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Could be something like Freetrade is now onboarding all forum members.

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Thanks. That would indeed explain it. I must have missed that announcement.

I said “could be”, I’m purely speculating :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason you got bumped up is that we were doing some testing to see whether certain groups of people are more likely to create an account when they’re invited vs the people who’re simply next in line on the waitlist. For you that means you’ll be one of the first to receive an invite when the Android app launches next year :smile:


Thanks for the explanation Alex. Rest assured I will be creating and using my account once invited!