Stuck in line at 70k

(James Drake) #1

Hey guys, so a few weeks ago I signed up to Freetrade and kept checking back and forth to see what ratio the ‘Freetraders are ahead of you’ was moving at and I actually seem to be falling down the list? How is this possible and or fair?

Kind regards,

(Emma) #2

If you refer people it bumps you up the queue. If you don’t refer it means people who were behind you will jump above you and move you down a place

(James Drake) #3

Do I just have to send the link to people for it to be considered a referral or does that person have to sign up?

(Alex Sherwood) #4

The person just needs to register for the waitlist using their email address, after clicking on your link :zap:

(James Drake) #5

Forgive me but doesn’t that seem a bit contradictory to one of the goals of Freetrade being to bring in new people who are new to investing.

I get it from a user acquisition perspective but realistically if im a new investor and learning etc goes without saying that people in my friend circles aren’t inclined to be investing and or interesting.

So to reward people from sharing it and bringing on their already investor inclined friends would just me perpetuating the cycle ?

(Alex Sherwood) #6

You might be surprised to find that some of your friends are already interested in investing.

But if not, by spreading the word about Freetrade, you’d be telling them about investing too, which will help attract more people who haven’t invested before to idea.