Freetrade chat

Just wanted to double check if it’s business as usual for you guys or if you’re running lower numbers of reps on the chat? Normally you get back to us within a couple of hours… Sometimes a lot quicker.

I just want another referral link :joy:

That’s all the new users :wink:

Sent you one. :+1:


Just want to say here @Viktor your commitment and leadership is astounding. 10pm on a Friday night responding to a community request for a free share link. You deserve all the success that (I hope) is coming your and Freetrade’s way in the months and years to come.


You are very kind, Tom. We all do our best for our customers at Freetrade. Thank you. :pray:


Thanks Viktor, link sent and he’s signed up!

He was able to sign up pretty quick (much quicker than when I did) - top marks.

Will keep referring as much as I can!



Do the Freetrade team still reply to the in app chat on weekends? :slight_smile: I had a issue with referring one of my friends.

They do. I received support from them before. Welcome to the community, Jack.

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Perfect! Thanks Connor

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Is it just me or is the chat really slow to open?

yes, and message notifications do a weird flashing thing.

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