How many people in the queue are seriously going to use FreeTrade?

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I’ve been thinking for a while that we’ll easily pip the 50k mark before the go live date. With all the talk of queue jumps etc. I’m just wondering how many of the people in the queue are seriously interested and want to try the service out asap, and how many just signed up to get more info, or to find out more but are not seriously interested.

I don’t think there will be that many lurkers, but I can’t imagine the whole lot are going to sign up on day 1 either. Time for a poll … … :crazy_face:

Does the team have any metrics by measuring forum usage, crowdcube link, emails etc. that can give an indication on this?

Of course I’d love every single one of them to be active investors (so long as they don’t overload the system when I’m about to make a ton of profile :stuck_out_tongue: )


That’s very hard to predict, the only thing we can be sure of is that it won’t be 100% of the people on the waiting list that activate their accounts :slight_smile:

But I’m optimistic that most people who’ve heard of Freetrade will be early adopters &/or crowdfunding investors so you’d hope that a higher proportion of these people will use Freetrade than the members of a waiting list for a company at a later stage.

Fortunately it’s only a month & 1 day before the rollout starts so we don’t have long to wait to find out :smiley:


Yeah, i was just trying to work out how many might be legit actively involved parties, ie investors, forum members etc. and those that just signed up because they saw the link.

It might make a huge difference to those waiting in the queue if a big tranche from early marketing didn’t end up being active users but were just holding up the line.

The top 2% will be onboarded within a few weeks, that’s 1000. That’s potentially a long wait after the month and a day. . . . can you tell i’m getting impatient… :money_mouth_face:

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Haha I had noticed :wink: I can’t wait either! When it comes to the speed of the rollout, I guess that just depends on how smoothly the testing goes :crossed_fingers:

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Slightly less than half of the waitlist are on Android, so that roughly halves the waitlist if you have an iPhone :+1:t3:

I foresee the growth rate of the waitlist increasing once it’s live as more and more people use it, talk about it and any Freetrade launch activities/press…


Ohhh what do we win for guessing right?

Over 80% when the iOS and Android apps are live because how much the current providers charge.


iPhone FTW w00t :iphone:

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I am sure no one has use multiple email addresses either



I’m very excited! I’ve been watching people use the similar American app robin… we won’t say their name here, I’ve been closely following the stock market and I’ve made a few real trades but mostly have been practicing with Freetrade I plan to use it as a primary platform. I hope this kicks off, I think it might just be the future!


Welcome Zayn, it’s good to have you join the community. Soon things will officially start rolling and I personally believe that this will be the future! :freetrade: Feel free to join the Introduce yourself thread!


A fair amount of people in the queue will be referrals from people wanting a bump as well.

Word of mouth is really powerful, so I wonder how many referrals of that type re-engage when they reach the top!

Serious could be seen in different ways as well. Is it volume, strategy, frequency, something else? It’s really interesting :blush:


I saw Robin being talked about on YouTube, then tried to find English equivalent, then found free trade way back in 2017 just after bitcoin popped, which is the reason why I’m getting into investing in the first place, that bitcoin bubble I’m guessing attracted a lot of people to investing


I think it was definitely an event which created a lot of media and social media attention to investing.

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Yeah I personally hate Bitcoin, I had a few around £30 and stupidly sold them/used them at around £500 back in 2014… felt great at the time because it crashed shortly after and I thought it was dead by then but I missed out big time, still made a fair amount and managed to pay my parents back haha. Since then I’ve seen people lose huge money on it, they don’t understand Bitcoin isn’t like traditional stocks, it’s great for day trading because its insanely volatile but I get so frustrated when people start talking to me about bitcoin… it haunts me, for every £1 I made, I could’ve made £24. And I think the boom/bubble for it has gone but it’s interesting how the blockchain technology behind can be used for decentralizing so many things. I just think it’s overhyped though and it’s so unpredictable, it’s largely based on speculation rather than true value


That is sad and great at the same time though - feel free to share your experience in Best and Worst Investments thread! Whilst you have missed on x24 gains since the sale, you still made a superb x17 gain on the sale day assuming you held 2011-2014. S&P500 did not even double during that timeframe so you still were exceptionally lucky.

I have always been amazed at how various analysts assure people of “this is a buy” / “the market will remain bullish” and when the worst happens, they just use ex post facto arguments to say something like “yeah, it was kind of expected based on XYZ”. Only once again proves that no one can time the market, whether we are talking about stocks or crypto.