The latest on the rollout


  • :iphone: the app is in the App Store
  • :male_detective: the engineering team is performing final security testing
  • :nerd_face: the ops team is optimising transaction reporting (a regulatory requirement).

When these tasks are finished, we’ll enable live trading for our first customers. We’ll onboard everyone as soon as we can, adding people in small batches at first, and we’ll look to scale up quickly.

The first to be onboarded will be our Crowdcube investors.


My queue keeps creeping up, would be nice to see it going the other way.

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How many CrowdCube investors are there?


A lot of community members are seeing this now, as quite a few people got to referring heavily, with live trading around the corner.

We are working on getting a number of customers onboarded as early as possible, so you will see the trend reverse very soon. We’ll post the related updates on this thread.

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What’s the plan with onboarding when you are ready to do so?

Tranches of 100 or something for the first 1000, then in thousands? Will you be ramping up quickly if all goes well or do you plan for this to take months to clear the queue?

I recommend that you start with the first 167 people in the queue (nothing to do with my place in the queue of course :slight_smile: ).



We want to increase that dramatically with our next Crowdcube round! :rocket:

Wow :hushed: So is this 1200 (12 batches) ahead of those on the waiting list or is it concurrent with it?

I’ll keep an eye out for the next round for sure

Good shout. :wink:

We will add batches of 100 first, but we are looking to increase the batch sizes and to dramatically ramp up the pace as we go.

Ahead, but we are very keen to ramp up the pace of onboarding as we progress! :running_woman:

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Hey guys, latest post on the final few tasks before trading!



MiFID is just the gift that keeps on giving :joy:

In all seriousness though, it’s great to see you’re nearly there and are making sure everything is working smoothly and securely :+1:

Ps. Where is @Rob?! He can avoid us on Twitter but surely not on the forum…

@tommy As a fully paid up card carrying bean counter, I do my best to stay out of the limelight! But don’t worry - I’ll be getting involved and giving my two-cents on the forum!

Spot on with MiFID II - we’re fortunate in that we have new systems that were designed with it in mind, I don’t envy those that have had to deal with on legacy systems…


Could Freetrade launch tomorrow May 1st ?
I think I’m becoming obsessed with checking my phone for updates !!!:blush:


Dear Richard, I’m afraid not tomorrow! :worried: But we are very close: Freetrade Invest Hub

We haven’t given an exact date because those tasks in the post represent a bit of a moving target. We expect the first live trade to occur very soon though!

We’ll let you know via the app as soon as there is progress. :wink:

We see a lot of demand for Freetrade from the EU; European expansion is actually one of the objectives of the upcoming CC raise!

I can’t give an exact date or timeline, simply because we hate setting timelines we can’t guarantee. But it’s an important priority.

More details from Adam on Europe here.


When are you likely to start admitting first users?

As per the insider information, soon. Just need to be a bit patient.

And here are the detailed reasons why there are reasonable delays.


I wonder if the crowdfund is resulting in a bit of a delay, both getting it organised and also maybe waiting to see if any investors qualify for free accounts, might be easier to onboard someone straight into a free account instead of setting up subscription then having to cancel it to switch it to free?

Just thoughts