Join the Freetrade beta testing group

Greetings all :wave:

Many of you have helped us test new features over the last few months.

This has been super helpful for us to get valuable feedback, and also to help build discussion and excitement ahead of new features going into the wild. Thank you!

To help us continue to gather this feedback – and take it back into product development – we’re creating a new beta testing group who will:

  • Automatically get access to new features on their app :call_me_hand:
  • Share feedback with us :speaking_head:
  • Join the conversation on those features here on the forum :pray:

If you’d like to take part, just drop your details on this form.

This will be a fairly small test group for now, but we’ll be opening up the group to more people in future – so don’t worry if you don’t make into this initial group.

In return for taking part, not only will you receive early beta access to new features but you’ll also have an (optional) new ‘Beta Tester’ title and badge on the forum. And there may be other treats from time to time, too :wink:

Thank you in advance!

P.S. To whet your appetite a little, check out the roadmap for more on what may drop on your app.


Great that Freetrade are continuing to involve the community in development & testing. Signed up :+1: .


I have signed up as well!

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Signed up to be a guinea pig :pig: :dancer:

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Signed up, let’s do this!

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Signed up too :grinning::+1:t3:

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Are you gonna fill the group on first come, first served basis?

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To start with, yes, and we do plan to expand it out at some point soon.

Signed up hoping am not too late

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Good stuff team, looking forward to this and hopefully help steer development with feedback :slight_smile:

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Great to see the response so far!

As I mentioned in the original post, we’re looking for this group to be comprised of active community members, so that’ll be taken into account as well as when someone signed up.


Happy to sign up, looking forward to test the new features!

I go in the app on a daily basis so will be great to see different things popping up!

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Whoop, love that Freetrade are doing this! :smiley:

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Will we be told if we made the cut?!

Signed up, hopefully early enough.

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Me me me me me! :heart_eyes:

(I hope that makes me look active!)


We’ll drop the first batch of beta testers a message in the next couple of days.

Thanks again for the great response so far :raised_hands:

We’re very excited for you to try the new features we have on the way!


Wahoo, nice idea!

Sadly hectic day at work so I caught this thread late - fingers crossed I get access :smiley:

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Signed up as I was a Beta tester for Monzo back in the very early days

I’d love the chance to be a beta tester for FreeTrade! :smiley: Can’t wait to see what’s in store!