Freetrade's platform has launched: Sign up to the Invest by Freetrade closed beta 📲

The time has come!

Invest by Freetrade, our own brokerage platform, is rolling out, starting today. :boom:

We’re looking for a few of our community members to join our closed beta and give us private feedback. After you sign up, we’ll migrate your account over to Invest by Freetrade.

Invest by Freetrade is our own software that routes your orders to the market, connecting to a variety of new execution venues, enabling us to offer thousands of more stocks and ETFs in the very near future. As it’s our own platform, it will also help us ship new features faster. So, it’s good news for everyone on this forum.

The app and your trading experience shouldn’t feel much different at this stage, however, this is a Beta and there is a possibility that you may encounter some performance issues, while we finetune the platform and learn from your feedback.

There are a few things that are unavailable during this closed Beta:

1. Receiving a free share

You can still refer a friend to Freetrade. You will still be eligible to get a free share, however, you will not receive your free share until early Q1 next year as we are developing the ability to allocate free shares for customers on the Invest Platform. Your friend will still receive a free share as soon as they sign up to Freetrade and top up their account.

2. ISA Transfers in

If you want to transfer your existing stocks and shares ISA to Freetrade, we don’t yet have the ability to accept ISA transfers in on the Invest Platform. You’ll be able to request an ISA transfer in via the Freetrade website once this functionality becomes available next year.

3. Opening an ISA

If you already have an ISA account with us, we’ll migrate that over, no problem. In the event that you currently have a Basic Account and also want to open an ISA with Freetrade, we do not yet have the ability to open new ISA accounts onto the Invest Platform. You’ll be able to open an ISA account via the app once this functionality becomes available next year. :+1:

To join our Beta, you can sign up here.

Thanks in advance for jumping on board and helping us to make Invest by Freetrade possible. We’re excited to deliver this to all of our customers and bring fantastic new features to you in the near future!




The form appears to be private @sampoullain can’t fill it in.

Edit: added screenshot

Hi Lewis, sorry about that. :disappointed_relieved:This should work for you now!


Working thanks!

Looking forward to giving it a try :smile:


Will you be adding stocks for Invest users ahead of the Legacy ones?

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Cant wait to try “Invest by Freetrade” will this offer fractional share option while on beta version.


Count me in :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the current plan. Beta testers could get early access to the new features powered by Invest by Freetrade.

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Signed up, looking forward to it!

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No issues with the restrictions so I’ve put my name in the pot. :+1:

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Not yet, but beta testers could get early access to these features when they’re ready in early 2020!


I’d like to sign up but I’ve just got a free share queued up after referring a friend, would this be revealed before the beta begins or would it wait until early next year?

Edit: Never mind, it was revealed half an hour ago, that’ll teach me to not check my notifications!


Count me in :grin:

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Will we be able to invest in companies such as Bae systems which require certain declarations. And will we be able to add REITS to ISAs on this new platform? I imagine this won’t happen straight away but I am hoping that it will be easier for you to implement.


I’d love to be a tester!


Signed up, let’s goooooo!

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Exciting stuff :money_mouth_face:
signed up

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The announcement on the blog:

A couple of articles about what the platform means for us and the industry:


Signed up :grinning::partying_face:

How long till we get to have a play ?