Invest by Freetrade: the upgrade has begun

Team Invest upgrading your acccounts

Happy New Year to all Freetraders :wave:

Let’s kick things off with an update on Invest by Freetrade, our homegrown brokerage platform which we’ve been working on for well over a year now.

Invest by Freetrade will bring you:

  • Instant deposits with Apple Pay and Google Pay as soon as you’re upgraded. :zap:
  • A smoother and faster app experience , thanks to a reduced dependency on third-party platforms. :moneybag:
  • New features in the next few weeks, such as thousands of new stocks and fractional shares. :pizza:
  • Our premium account, which will be launched in the next few months. :a:

Now we’re finished beta testing the platform and it all looks a-okay, we’re starting to upgrade customer accounts to be on Invest by Freetrade in weekly batches.

Thanks again to all beta testers for their feedback so far. :pray:

When will I get upgraded?

You don’t need to do anything now, we’ll let you know when your account has been upgraded in the next few weeks.

If you have any other questions about your account upgrade, just drop us a line on the in-app chat.

Does anything else change on my app?

Nothing else changes, apart from the improvements we mentioned above — plus a surprise new feature we can’t say too much about but that we know you’ll love. :wink:

We can’t wait for everyone to be upgraded, so stay tuned!

Freetrade does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. The value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment. Tax laws are subject to change and may vary in how they apply depending on the circumstances. :pray:


Any updates for the release of :freetrade: Freetrade in Europe? :globe_with_meridians:


Hey, Greg, stay tuned on that one - there may be an update sooner than you think :eu:


“Within 3 to 6 working days”, @adam said last week :star_struck:


Great to see. For upgrades can we get another decimal point added or the option to add a couple more decimal points as the small penny stocks fluctuate and getting a more specific price will help.

Thanks - Tarran


Also, a link to the company’s website you can click through straight on the app. Potentially a news flow page as well, where you can click through a look at news flow for each stock, similar to how the Blockfolio app in the crypto space have set up.



Don’t they have their own proper desks for doing that kind of thing? :laughing:

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Exciting news!

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Will these be added all at once or in little drops like they are at the moment?

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Yes! I actually cant wait for fractional shares! I can finally by Amazon and Google without it being a major holding in my portfolio.


Thanks. When we buy shares in other currency e.g please can the share price in also be shown rather than price in £. Many of us may also be recording our stock portfolio on app such as Yahoo finance.


For some reason dollar sign got taken out. Can we have share price in currency of the relevant share market.


Still to be confirmed! :helicopter:

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They do, but they just had to get together for the team bonding experience of upgrading the first few accounts! :pray:

Hey Tarran, thanks for the suggestions - we’ll share with the Product team :+1:

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:eyes: :crystal_ball: :mage: :sparkles: :ireland:

:exploding_head: :partying_face:


:fire: :fire: :fire: @Viktor thank you! And to the whole Freetrade team


Welcome Shane, about time!


I have to admit, I am very jealous right now! => :grimacing: :fr: :unamused:
I am also very excited as this means international expansion has begun! => :crazy_face: :pizza: :partying_face: