Freetrade Play Store reviews ⭐

We’re really close to making the Android app available to everyone now & we’ve got a lot planned to help spread the word that everyone will be able to sign up & get instant access :tada:

But our reviews on the Play Store, from people who were frustrated about waiting for the launch of the app gave us a rating of 3.4, is probably putting people off signing up :disappointed:

So we’d be very grateful for any reviews! Maybe we can get to a 4+ rating by the end of the week with a bit of help?


It’s a shame that it still got downvoted even though clearly stated that it has a waiting list.


Can you appeal those bad reviews?


We’ll reach out to each person who gave them as soon as the app’s available for everyone to use.


If you’re using the beta it says the reviews are private, so does that not count towards the score?


Good point - yes beta reviews won’t help here. We’ll invite our beta testers to switch over the the standard app later today though.


Today?! Does this means… today is the day?!

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Haha not quite, sorry for getting your hopes up. There’s a ‘feature flag’ that the testers have which gives access to the full app & that will work for the standard app too. Only the beta testers will have it though.

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I’m good. I was given access for the Beta and I’m happy for my luck. Eager to see it available for everybody.

It is a shame indeed. On a positive note it may serve to show there’s a strong demand out there for the service. People who showed their disappointment probably really wanted to use it. I’m convinced the ratings will go up very quickly.

I think this is a very good approach.
We are happy to let you know the waiting list is no more. Thank you for telling us how badly you wanted to use our beautiful app…


Full steam ahead! Very exciting. Excellent work everyone!

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Just placed my review


I just received an email thanking me for testing, asking me to leave the beta program and install the full public version. I’ve followed the instructions in the email but now have lost access to the app! I get a splash screen with, “Android’s on the assembly line”.

And now it’s working!

This thread just reminded me, I never reviewed it on iOS. Doing so now.


Anyone else not seeing any reviews today on the app store? Do they need to be verified before showing does anyone know?

I left a review earlier after leaving the beta testing so my review should be public

Same here, my review’s not showing either, after leaving beta testing, uninstalling and then reinstalling.

Edit - it’s now showing!


Also, I think in hindsight, allowing people to download when it wasn’t ready probably wasn’t the best idea, except to get a load of 1 star reviews. I think if I wasn’t an investor in the company, hadn’t been on this forum, or following the blog etc and just downloaded it to find I was in a queue, I probably would have been tempted to leave 1 star…

Yep, can see lots more reviews now. There is a 1* too about the magic link not working but imo all reviews are useful (if they’re posted now and not before the app is useful and not just a waiting list).

The app did say it wasnt ready previously, I do question the attention span of some people

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I guess one star is the price to pay in order to get a whole lot of people queued up and waiting for access.

I’ve given my review… and more than happy to. Here’s hoping each of us in the community gives an honest review.


I had posted on another thread…

So I’m back in the queue. What was I meant to do with the email earlier?