iTunes app store rating

Seems that Freetrade could use some love in the iTunes app store to move it above 126 place. Given Barclays mobile is in third, what can be done to move it back towards the top 10 with genuine, honest reviews and feedback?

Most people don’t add a review when things are going well but moving it up will enable more people to see it and hopefully start using it.

Could start with each community member giving a review and there could be something that pops up once after using the app for 4 weeks as a new user to encourage to add a review so others can benefit. Not sure about the play store on Android but must be similar.

Can anyone make a commitment to put out a review by the weekend? I’ll be the first too commit.


Isn’t the App Store chart done on downloads and not reviews?

Edit: but agree that more reviews and ratings are needed!


Already reviewed on the 23 June. 5/5 :+1:t2: Outstanding.


You might be right there but every little helps as you say! Be good to see how the community can get it into the top 10. There’s some clever people in this community who may have some great ideas to drive it up!

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I’ve done one on IOS. Hope it helps :v:t2::beer:


This initiative has been started. Don’t think it’s ever been top 10, but did get into the 70s and briefly above Hargreaves.

On Android are 218 reviews. At least that I can see.

All done on IOS 5/5 :blush:


Did it yesterday 5/5 :freetrade: :raised_hands: